Wrapping Summer

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Yup, just like I thought. Summer just might be ancient history. It’s starting to look and feel like it’s time for sweater weather for good! It was raining pretty much the whole weekend and we had a little wind storm here again yesterday. Nothing like it was a couple of weeks ago! But my husband was taking our dog for a walk yesterday and he saw a huge tree falling down in front of him!!! I guess the previous storm did its job and now this tree just needed a little blow to take it down. I’m just so glad my hubby and puppy are safe and sound.

Here I’ve been wrapping up summer in my thoughts. Thinking about it makes me thankful and feeling so blessed. Summer in total was incredible!!! I got to go to Finland and see my family! Paris! I can’t believe I got to see it! Going there has been a dream of mine and it totally blew me away! And these two in the same package deal 😉 And of course so many other things that just make my heart burst! It’s funny when the new year started, a piece of me felt a little sad and It was hard to let go of the past year, especially when it was a good one. But little did I know what was ahead of me! Sooo much has happened, things that I couldn’t even imagine and I’ve changed and learned a lot this year. My eyes have opened wider than ever and I can see things and people in my life, previous and present so clear! I’ve learned to see and recognize things that do not serve me anymore and those that do. Surround yourself with people that inspire and support you, not with those who drag you down with their own drama! It sucks the life out of you! !! Be present in the moment cause that’s really the only thing you have! When I heard (read) that it knocked me over. I don’t have what was and I don’t have something from the future. The only thing that I have is NOW! And I’m trying (still learning) my best to make the most of it! All and all I’m excited to start this fall with a fresh breeze! 🙂 Literally, crisp mornings feel so good after the hottest, driest summer that I’ve ever experienced! 🙂 Summer 2015 it’s a wrap!


Wishing you a wonderful week!


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