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What would you change around your house? Right now or later down the road? Small or big changes? Like do you want sled hammer a couple of walls down or just change a sofa? I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided to make a post about it.


I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted this house to look like before it was built. But I think I still rushed with my choices a bit. When we moved to this house I wanted everything to be ready right when we walked in. You see, I’m not good with unfinished things not to mention unfinished rooms. We didn’t paint our garage right away when we moved and that bothered me SO MUCH! My stomach would actually hurt when I walked in there! Problems eh? But there’s a downside to that. If I was to do it again I would give myself more time. I would live in here a little and see what would work or not. But then another thing that ticks me off is that when ordering furniture sometimes it takes FOREVER to get it. That was one thing I started to do long before we moved in.




I’m not talking about big changes in my case but you know, little things here and there. For now what bothers me the most at the moment is our coffee table. I think that a round coffee table would look better in this space. Another thing is that sofa. I’ve wanted a new sofa for 3 years now! And I’ve been so tempted, many times (last time that I was tempted really bad was last week )  But I keep telling myself that we probably won’t stay here too long and when we get to a new place, of course I want all new things there as well. And my choices for this house might not work in the new one. But on a positive note what I’m most happy about with our choices for this house is the whole dining area. I haven’t got bored with the lighting fixture or the table or the chairs. And I know that the mirror will always have a place somewhere, where ever we go.


These are my thoughts in the blog today! I would love to hear your plans! 🙂



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  1. We moved also finished house. It looked fine at the time we bought it but now when we have staying for couple of years i see some little changes i want to done. Changes are small like color of kitchen table and so on… i don’t want to make big changes and investigation for things which arn’t broken or bad shape so i try to make them better by decoration way:)

    • Henna

      I’m the same! I want to stick to things and to my choices if there’s nothing wrong with them. Well, unless it’s something really unbearable that I just can’t look at anymore 😀 Luckily not this time! 🙂

  2. Toi viltti <3 <3 <3

    • Henna

      <3 Tilaamani extra langat saapui ennen Joulua mikä oli kyllä Christmas miracle! :D Sain vihdoin viimeisteltyä sen sitten Joulun välipäivinä :)

  3. Olisipa kotimme yhtä kaunis, ai että kun minä nautin näistä postauksistasi ja kun jaat ympärillesi kauneutta ja iloa! <3

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