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Last weekend I made a couple of “killer” finds for my entertaining supplies! For so long I’ve been looking for the right champagne / wine cooler and I was so happy to find this big one from Urban Barn! It was on sale for $29 !!!!!!! (normally $59) All the bigger coolers that I’ve been seeing have been on the pricier side. So, I think this is a small personal win for me, waiting patiently the right one to come along 😉 haha .. 


Other little find is this coffee jar, Urban Barn as well. I have to make a coffee tag for it! It didn’t come with it but there’s a place for it. You won’t necessarily realize right away that it’s missing. I didn’t until I brought it home x) But I kind of like it this way too.


I also found a beverage dispenser at Home Sense (I tested it on the weekend and already posted a picture on Instagram, see it HERE)

I was beyond happy about all my finds. I always find my “treasures” when I least expect it!!! Usually when I go look for certain things I don’t find anything! It can be very frustrating from time to time..  Do you have the same problem? 😀

Now the only thing that is missing is the bar cart !!!

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  1. Cute finds! Also I have a big cooler like that, hmm…. have to think where it is right now! Haven’t seen it for a while.
    And yes, it’s always the case that when you really try to find something it seems like a mission impossible 😉 A bar cart would be awesome, I love them!

    • Henna

      Have you used your cooler a lot? I’m thinking of gettting a flower to put there in the mean time! The cooler is in my coffee nook at the moment.

      Hahaha 😀 mission impossible – you nailed it! 😀

      • I have used it a couple of times during the past summers but the ice cubes melt too quickly and the bottles end up floating in water 😀 Not so cute. Should figure out some other method to keep the drinks cold in the cooler. Mostly the cooler has been on our kitchen island as a decorative item with some champagne bottles.

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