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Last week for Valentine’s Day surprise my husband arranged us a mini cabin getaway to Pretty Estates at Rowena’s Inn. I have never been there before but I’ve heard about it and seen pictures here and there. I was really blown away how beautiful and peaceful that place was in reality and about the fact that it’s not too far away from our home! It was just a short one hour drive from our home but far enough to get a nice separation from the city.  They still had a lot of snow on the ground so I can’t wait to find out how gorgeous that place must be in the summer time.

We were surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery with a lovely river view. Our cabin was private and cozy and the wood burning fireplace was a cherry on top. Although our dog wasn’t too sure about the burning fireplace. Once we got the fire going the poor thing was so worried about the wood burning noise. hehe. All she wanted to do was to sit on my lap and keep an eye on that fireplace from her safety zone.

The history of the place is like from a movie. I can only imagine how amazing it has been to live in that place at the time, the parties that they have entertained and the adventures that they must had. Also I can’t stop thinking about that how amazing it must have been to grow up in a place like that.


This place is definitely going onto our short list for a quick and easy weekend getaway. I can’t wait go back!



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