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Even though it looks like we are strolling in Netherlands – believe it or not you can find these tulip fields in Canada! We got a chance to hit the Abbotsford tulip festival yesterday. And as we speak I’m kicking and asking myself that why on earth I haven’t gone there before!!! First time I even heard about this was maybe two years ago and I didn’t go!??! Now that I’m thinking I probably have seen people posting pictures from the festival but honestly thought that they are from Netherlands 😀 Hahaha

As a first timer there – when I stepped into the tulip fields I felt like I was without a doubt in a story book. It was every girls dream. The tulip fields were breathtakingly beautiful and magical. We took our time walking around the fields, admiring the scenery of flowers and taking a ton of pictures.

If you are interested you still have few days left to go. The festival ends on May 14th. I think this would be a perfect Mother’s Day weekend activity idea. Just make sure you get your tickets online a night before you go (or even earlier) since it’s the festival’s final weekend.

PS. You probably noticed that dogs are welcome too. We give paws up for that!


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  1. Apua miten kaunista <3

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