Sunday & latest finds

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Good (late) Sunday morning! I hope the weekend has been treating you well! I’m finished with my coffee and got kitchen cleaned after our breakfast. Now I’m relaxing on the couch, dog on my lap and I thought that I could make a post about my latest sale finds. Some of them I got a while ago and some are pretty new.



I found a new (better) toy basket for our dog from Home Sense. Our dog likes it so much that she even tried to sleep in it. It’s a bit too small for her to sleep in but she can fit in it if she tries really hard 😀 But I bet it’s not too comfortable 😀



New (grey) pillowcases are from Chapters and they are on pretty good sale right now!


Welcome to our home sign is from Michaels and it was on sale for $4 or so! (if I remember right) I’ve been keeping my eyes open to find a nice hook where I could hang it. But meanwhile it’s hanging off the hallway mirror. I took it upstairs for the pictures because the lighting was so poor.



After I get this thing posted I’m gonna go and do my workout! I sure don’t feel like, but If I do it now, I can chill the rest of the day 🙂

Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

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