Summer Breeze

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Some days it’s ok to relax more with making the bed, right? 😀  Doesn’t always have to be nice and tight .. aaand now I’m out of excuses being lazy at times 😉 Let’s say that I haven’t documented what’s under the bedspread.. which is true!!!





So, I needed to get new a duvet cover set. My old one’s material turned out be horrible.. I couldn’t find the wash label to see what the material is so that I can avoid it forever :D. They are really soft but when sleeping in them, whenever you turn around it almost hangs you in it.  Very saggy and it didn’t stay at its place at all. I mean it would roll the duvet inside out to one big ball.. I even sowed the duvet cover to make it a little smaller trying to get the sagging away. But it didn’t work. Anyways, these new ones I spotted browsing at Ikea. Link HERE. I felt like getting a little “sea breeze feeling” when going to bed. And to me these gave me that feeling. These one’s material is 100 % lyocell which feels very soft and so far it has kept the duvet at its place.. Although I noticed that they get wrinkly way too easy to my taste. But let’s see how we get along in long term!




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