Secret Garden

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I can’t even start to describe how excited I was when I discovered this Secret Garden colouring book for adults! I first saw it on Chapters’ Instagram account and ordered from them. See it HERE. There’s also another colouring book from the same author, called Enchanted Forest, see it HERE. Which is also very tempting and I will purchase that one too after I’m finished with this one.


I’m terrible with drawing but I always loved to colour! There’s something very therapeutic about it 😀 Once I received this book it was even better than I expected it to be!  And because of that all of a sudden I got really nervous about ruin it somehow 😀 (Haha.. I know, how serious can this be?) So I took a bunch of copies of it and practiced and tried some colour schemes before I actually started colouring it. And when I was confident enough I coloured my first page 😀 Hahaha. But this book is great! Something little for myself. And I’ve noticed a great thing while colouring it. You can’t really do anything else at the same time. No computer or iPhone… I can’t even watch TV while colouring, I can only listen the TV or some music in the background. It keeps me focused and grounded while I colour. x) Are you familiar with these colouring books?


I don’t burn candles in the summer that much but when I’m having a bath I pretty much always have a candle burning, it’s just part of it. I ordered this with the colouring book, see it HERE and I have to say that it’s my new favourite candle scent from Voluspa.

And the rest of the pics have nothing to do with colouring book or candles. But they are just some random pics around the house.


The guest room in it’s summer look now



Aaand my Peonies are still alive! x)


Have a Wonderful Weekend!

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