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Hi there and happy Friday! I’m so excited about this weekend since it’s a long weekend here in Canada. Monday is a Family Day and I’m more than ready to get the weekend started by chilling at home and sink it to our couch. But before all that, as I promised here’s one super quick and easy DIY project for Valentine’s Day, and if you ask me, these look pretty nice any other day or celebration as well. I bumped into these doilies in Party City and I got two packs of them. One set of smaller shaped hearts and another set of bigger ones. Other thing you need is simple white yarn. I got mine from Michaels and it turned out to be perfect with a little texture on it – not too thin but not too thick either so the hearts stay in place and don’t slide into one big mess. But if you only have thin sewing yarn you could put some tape on it to keep the hearts in place.

Simply place the yarn through the hearts carefully so that you don’t rip the lace, any way you like and as many as you want one wreath to have.  I made one wreath with just the little hearts and the other one alterating the big and small hearts. This won’t take too long to do and before you know it you are all done. I hung these at our dining area mirror and they look lovely there.

I hope you give this a try! Like I said it’s fun and simple little project.

Alright it’s time for my late afternoon coffee. I got one big cookie hiding in the fridge 😀 so I’m gonna go and hopefully find it 🙂

I’m wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend <3



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My DIY hearts are taking over our living room. These are same ombre hearts that I had in our dining area just at different location. I taped them on the ceiling behind our sofa just a bit off the wall to avoid any accidents. I was worried for some reason that I would get pink stains on my wallpaper. Well I don’t know why that would happen but my concern was strong and I couldn’t ignore my thoughts 😀 and you know – better safe than sorry. But let me tell ya, it’s a workout to hang those in the ceiling. I was joggling between a ladder and a sofa reaching to the ceiling holding a tape roll in my mouth AND trying not to get them tangled at the same time. It was a scene and you would have had a good laugh. But definitely not easy!

Can you spot one single heart that is upside down? I just noticed 😀

As we know, Valentine’s day is around the corner and I was thinking about making a Valentine’s day gift idea guide, but you know what, that kind of stuff is all over the place. There are tons of list on what to buy when to buy and maybe some sale shopping in the between – all over the social media – all day long. So this time I want to encourage you to be creative and do nice little DIY projects at home with whatever you can find in you cabinets. (Trust me, there’s always something in our drawers to work with!)  Or plan a nice dinner at home, movie night or bake something! It doesn’t have to be more than that. It is more important to enjoy each other’s company <3 And I have one little quick and super easy DIY project in my sleeve which I’m posting later this week, so stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!



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Happy February 1st! This month got a lovely start when we woke up to a beautiful sunny and crispy morning. These kind of mornings are my favourite for our early morning walks. I get so inspired and I get my mind all clear and ready for the day. But I want to be honest – that beautiful start for the day got tested since I had a not so fun dentist appointment later today 😀 and late night working still ahead. hehe.

I do like pastel pink in small portions all year around in our house and in my clothing. But I do think that February is the month when I let myself get carried away with it. Or maybe it is just my imagination? I got these pillowcases last year and all this time they have been in our guest room. I was planning to get some colour there and these two pillows were perfect there. Now I decided to try them out in our bedroom as well and so far I like it  – although for now they are in our living room since I get to enjoy them more there 😀 But I think they are going back to upstairs in our room when the time comes.

Did you get a chance to try to make those heart wreaths from my last post? I still haven’t figured a way to store them. Last weekend, we had our friends over for Valentine’s themed lunch since everyone’s schedule matched. And these heart wreaths were perfect Valentine touch in our dining area.

This coming weekend we have a little city getaway ahead and we don’t have to go too far from home since we are spending a night in Downtown Vancouver. Some hockey is involved too. Should be nice little treat and my husband and I should be equally happy! 😀 Balance all the shopping with hockey.



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I would like to say this is quick and easy DIY ombre hearts but I have to leave the quick part out this time! But very easy and super fun project for Valentine’s Day or maybe someone’s birthday party – possibly a photo booth idea?

Originally I wanted to make three of these for my table setting, to run through the table maybe. But when I hung them against the wall so that they would not get all tangled up, they were looking pretty nice that way. So I decided to make couple more to see how it would look and finally realized that I want and need to do way more. And at some point I decided that I want to use all of my pink paper instead of storing it and shoving it back where I found it. I was on it! Actually you can’t see all of them here, there are more lurking behind the corner.

So what you need is different shades of pink or red paper, only if you want to make them ombre. I had 4 different shades of pink and two of them are really hard to tell apart. I also made them ombre since I happened to found some leftover paper in the box of my crafting supplies. You also need sharp scissors and a sewing machine.

First I make one heart shape mold from blue cardboard and using that I draw hearts on the paper – as many as I could possible fit in one page. To speed up the process try to cut at least 3 or 4 paper sheets at the same time keeping the one you draw the hearts to on top. Clever eh? (Hah, I didn’t remember that grade one trick the first hour :D) Cut the hearts out and when done cutting,  sew two hearts together in your wanted colour order and finally fold them open. I didn’t measure the wreath lengths or anything, probably should have. Now some of them are longer than the others. Be careful though, I got a couple of these so tangled up that I had to cut them open and do it again. So be quick to solve any little tangles before any further damage. And that’s pretty much it.

If you want to make the process faster you can buy one of those squeeze punch things. But I did it the old fashioned way since I wasn’t planning to do this many in the first place. 😀 But that being said If I would make more or do it again I would probably get one of those. Sewing part was pretty fast and also my favourite part.

Now I just have to figure out a way to store them. I’m definitely not throwing them away after my hard work. I was thinking maybe to save some used paper towel rolls, but then I don’t have that many and definitely can’t wait that long to get enough aaaand I’m don’t know if they would get tangled in there anyways. Any tips are more than welcome!

I hope you give it a try!


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