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Good morning from foggy Vancouver. I hope you are having an amazing week so far! Guess what… About that KonMari thing when I asked if I should get the book and read it.  After I posted my last post my Mom emailed me and asked if I’ve heard about her! She has read the book and got so inspired by it and now she has been putting her house in order. 😀 She didn’t mention whether she read the first book or the latest one. Still waiting her to reply and I’m on my way to get mine.

I decided to give a little update from my tiny little office space. I have really enjoyed having the office set up back in its place. Our dog likes it too… you know, it’s exciting to hang out in new and different rooms! 😀 She keeps interrogating me until I let her go onto the guest bed. It’s funny really, because she can get to the bed (usually our bed) by herself when we are not home or around.. But when I’m in the room she’s expecting me to give her a lift.  She is so spoiled!!! And of course I’m not mentioning the fact that she’s completely lost if her favourite blanket is not on the bed. But after we get through all that 😀 she likes to hang out and take a nap behind my shoulder on the bed and once in a while keeps her eye on what I’m doing.

I have one little wish that I would like to change in this room now, but I can’t and won’t since the space is limited. And that is the chair! It’s perfect for the space because it’s transparent and it doesn’t make the space between the desk and the bed feel and look crowded. But that said it’s not too comfortable for long sitting sessions. Well the good thing is that it forces me to sit in a good posture. But after a good while I notice myself getting restless. I would definitely like more of a cozy and soft armchair instead.  All and all I’m super happy with this set up. It has made my life a bit easier 🙂


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