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Last weekend was, Oh so wonderful! We spent the whole weekend kayaking in a couple different places and I’m not sure if it can get any better than that? I always love to get my lungs full of fresh mountain air. It helps me relax and get rid of stupid thoughts, worries or whatever is bugging me.


I’ve wanted a kayak pretty much from the day I moved here (almost 9 years ago) but we have been postponing to get kayaks because they take a lot of room! Now that we don’t live in the apartment anymore and have had our own garage for almost 3 years we decided to go for it! Why we didn’t buy them right away when we moved to this house – It still felt like they would take over our little garage. Well they sort of do take over 😀 But it’s so worth it!


These pictures are from our Saturday’s kayaking trip. We went to Pitt Lake and from there we did the Widgeon Creek. It’s about an hour of paddling  (depends how many times you stop for taking pictures 😉 ) from the parking lot to this campground where we were supposed to have a little break before heading back. Well there was no stopping this time since this big black bear wouldn’t let us have our snack break there. Not that we would even think about getting out of the kayaks after seeing him. We had to turn back and have lunch at the Starbucks later 😀 haha.   Somehow I thought that now we don’t have to worry about the bears as much when we are hiking. But are you kidding me. First real kayaking trip and guess who’s waiting us in our lunch spot. This bear wasn’t shy at all, which was scary!


I’ve been posting little videos on Snapchat during the weekend and will do so in the future. You’ll be able find me there:  honeyvillah


I feel so blessed and thankful that I can live in such a beautiful place like this! My heart is bursting from the beauty that surrounds us out there. So gorgeous! Can’t wait to get back out there!





My upper body muscles are pretty good with fatigue-resistant, so I thought 😀 I seriously thought that I would be able to paddle longer and harder 😀 But still, it’s a new thing for me and it takes time to get use to! 🙂 But it’s a really good workout for back, chest, abs and arms of course. Last night I noticed that it hurt my abs to laugh or cough 😀 So it’s working!

Happy Tuesday!

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