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My DIY hearts are taking over our living room. These are same ombre hearts that I had in our dining area just at different location. I taped them on the ceiling behind our sofa just a bit off the wall to avoid any accidents. I was worried for some reason that I would get pink stains on my wallpaper. Well I don’t know why that would happen but my concern was strong and I couldn’t ignore my thoughts 😀 and you know – better safe than sorry. But let me tell ya, it’s a workout to hang those in the ceiling. I was joggling between a ladder and a sofa reaching to the ceiling holding a tape roll in my mouth AND trying not to get them tangled at the same time. It was a scene and you would have had a good laugh. But definitely not easy!

Can you spot one single heart that is upside down? I just noticed 😀

As we know, Valentine’s day is around the corner and I was thinking about making a Valentine’s day gift idea guide, but you know what, that kind of stuff is all over the place. There are tons of list on what to buy when to buy and maybe some sale shopping in the between – all over the social media – all day long. So this time I want to encourage you to be creative and do nice little DIY projects at home with whatever you can find in you cabinets. (Trust me, there’s always something in our drawers to work with!)  Or plan a nice dinner at home, movie night or bake something! It doesn’t have to be more than that. It is more important to enjoy each other’s company <3 And I have one little quick and super easy DIY project in my sleeve which I’m posting later this week, so stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!


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