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Hi there and happy Friday! I’m so excited about this weekend since it’s a long weekend here in Canada. Monday is a Family Day and I’m more than ready to get the weekend started by chilling at home and sink it to our couch. But before all that, as I promised here’s one super quick and easy DIY project for Valentine’s Day, and if you ask me, these look pretty nice any other day or celebration as well. I bumped into these doilies in Party City and I got two packs of them. One set of smaller shaped hearts and another set of bigger ones. Other thing you need is simple white yarn. I got mine from Michaels and it turned out to be perfect with a little texture on it – not too thin but not too thick either so the hearts stay in place and don’t slide into one big mess. But if you only have thin sewing yarn you could put some tape on it to keep the hearts in place.

Simply place the yarn through the hearts carefully so that you don’t rip the lace, any way you like and as many as you want one wreath to have.  I made one wreath with just the little hearts and the other one alterating the big and small hearts. This won’t take too long to do and before you know it you are all done. I hung these at our dining area mirror and they look lovely there.

I hope you give this a try! Like I said it’s fun and simple little project.

Alright it’s time for my late afternoon coffee. I got one big cookie hiding in the fridge 😀 so I’m gonna go and hopefully find it 🙂

I’m wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend <3


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