Guest Room in White

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Our guest room has its white winter look now! The only thing that it’s missing here is the Christmas lights. Remember my “off to Mexico” post where I was so sure that I was going to be starting my decorations early this year? Well, I wasn’t going to do it NOW or next week or so! But you know, here and there little by little. But guess what (I don’t know who came up with this stupid rule) but our strata won’t be allowing any Christmas decor that is visible to the outside, which means hanging exterior or window lights until December 1st. C’mon! Really! Well I guess I can still hang whatever indoors, if I just keep my curtains closed. 😀 I like the rule that they can’t stay up until Easter, but really, not earlier than December..

Anyways, back to the guest room. I only changed the duvet covers to white and added another set of curtains to windows to make them look fuller. That other set of curtains were in the master bedroom last summer. Now I changed my grey curtains back to the master bedroom.






What do you think about the white and crisp look in here?

Happy Tuesday!




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  1. S - beauty of life

    Beautiful beautiful pics!!!

    I cant believe its december next month :)).

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