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Good morning!  Or I should probably say early afternoon. Last night I was working till 11pm so I had my alarm set for today to make sure I don’t sleep in. So I woke up 15min before my alarm was suppose to wake me. I was planning to get up and I took the alarm off but then decided to snooze 5 more minutes.. well I woke up one and half hours later 😀 And I could have gone probably one more hour. Hehe ..  But I like to get up early even those days when I don’t have anything planned. I find myself most productive in the mornings. And I don’t think there’s anything more inspiring than racing the early morning sun outdoors. Actually I haven’t been able to do my morning walks lately because we have 3 cougars in the area. I know that I would probably be OK if I see one.. but most likely they would be after my dog. Better safe than sorry. But anyways, mornings are my favourite part of the day. And I always plan to have plenty of time in the mornings. For example if I have somewhere to go I will get up 3 hours before that so I can do my things without rushing and I don’t want to lose my peace first thing in the morning.

I would love to hear about your morning routine!

Hey, here’s how I store those ombre hearts. I took one old carton box apart and wrapped the hearts around the carton sheets. I put a little piece of tape between each heart so that they don’t tangle. Otherwise it would be impossible to keep them nice and neat and actually be able to use them again.

Alright. Now that I couldn’t get myself out of bed today I have a schedule to catch up. Wishing you a lovely weekend!




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