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Now that the spring approaches is anyone else feeling the urge to get everything super organized? I cleaned and organized our closets last weekend. Usually I end up throwing a lot of old and broken clothes away but this past year I’ve been keeping a close track of my clothing so I didn’t have too much to toss.

I feel like I’m a little “late” on this KonMari thing. And I haven’t read her book yet. I have heard about her but I haven’t paid too much attention to the whole thing since I thought or like to think that I’m pretty organized already 😀 Instead when I started cleaning our closets I watched a bunch of Youtube videos about her method of folding clothes. It turned out to be a puzzle kind of task which I love. (who doesn’t love puzzles or Tetris :D) and believe it or not but it was relaxing and fun at least to a neat freak like me!

Before I started my project I really didn’t believe that it would be that big of a change to fold and arrange clothes the way she suggests but it really was! I was surprised how much more room I got in my drawers now without throwing   a n y t h i n g  away.  Now I’m more curious about the whole thing and I’m wondering if I should get the book or not. Have you read the book? Is it good and worth getting? I’m afraid that I don’t have the patience to read it. I’m more of a “see first and do it right away” kind of learner.

Anyways… These pictures in this post have nothing to do with my closet. But I’ll say this – I’m trying to take it easy today, chill out and celebrate that it’s Friday! Whole wonderful weekend ahead <3

Happy Friday!


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