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Happy first days of June. I hope you’ve got a great start for the long waited summer months. They are finally here!  As June was approaching I started “undressing” our house and getting ready for the summer months. That means that I’ve hidden extra blankets and throws away with some candles and other decor items. During the summer I like to keep things super simple indoors.

Probably everyone can underwrite that the house will be a quick turning point during the summer and most of the free time will be spent in outdoors. And in our case I like to keep our house simple and very easy to maintain. For example now that I’ve tucked all the extra things away I can just quickly wipe up surfaces and after that all is left is to vacuum and mop the floors. Fast and easy. During the winter months with lots of different decorations around the house  it takes time to get the whole cleaning process to even started.

Our upstairs get super hot during the summer and I’m not exaggerating it can get pretty close to the sauna temperatures. 😀 So it’s very important to keep things simple and more importantly COOL 😀 So I changed the bed linen sheets back which I think are the best material for the summer. They breath and keep you cool during the night. And I also like the fact that it’s OK if they are wrinkled. So no ironing needed 🙂

How do you prepare your home for the summer months?


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  1. Ihania kuvia jälleen <3

  2. Niin nättiä!<3 Minulla on myös tapana kerätä ylimääräiset peitot ja tyynyt piiloon kesän ajaksi. Paitsi nyt niitä vielä tarvii 😀

    • Henna

      Kiitos! <3 Voi että, toivottavasti saisit pian piilottaa ylimääräiset peitot ja viltit syksyä varten! Kyllä se kesä sieltä pian rantautuu!:)

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