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Good morning lovelies! I hope your week is on a good start. It’s the Easter week! Are you guys already fully prepared? I haven’t done much to be honest. I took a couple little Easter decors out of my super organized storage (thanks to the KonMari book :D) and that’s about it. Although I probably get a bouquet of tulips before the weekend. Another thing that I haven’t even started planning yet is the Easter weekend menu. And that’s definitely up high on my to do list. Maybe today even. I’m also hoping that the weather would take a turn for better so that we could do a hike or two during the long weekend. It’s been raining sooooo much lately. And not just little rain but pouring almost every day!

Well, the good thing with this soggy weather is that I’ve got so many things done around the house. After the crazy KonMari spring cleaning process I was painting our laundry door this week. Apparently I’m doing laundry so aggressively that our laundry door was full of scratches and black marks! 😀 I gave it a couple of coats of fresh paint and it’s like new again. I’m trying to be careful for now on.

I have some other walls as well that needs to be painted again.. and I’m wondering if I should just do it and get it over with or should I make my husband do it. 😀 hehe. But it usually means that it won’t happen as quickly that I would want. I’m not suggesting that he’s lazy 😀 He’s just so busy with his work that things like these need to be planned in well advance. I could do it .. but you know I kind of want to paint my nails instead 😀

Also, in hopes of warmer days I’ve been updating my closet with some new spring and summer clothes. Last summer I cleaned out my closet so good that I can’t even recall what I wore 😀 Probably nothing… But now I should be well covered.

Here’s an update of what’s been going on 🙂 A little bit of this and that – nothing out of ordinary. Wishing you lovely Monday!

Pictures are from the weekend


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  1. Simppeli mutta tosi kaunis kattaus <3 täälläkin on satanut paljon!

    • Henna

      Kiitos!<3 Voi että, siellä kans! Meillä on tullut vettä niin paljon viime viikkoina että kohta saa ottaa veneet vesille ja soudella kesään x)

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