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Hi there! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend with your family and friends. I swear that I was smelling summer yesterday morning when I was taking my dog out! It smelled fresh but summery and I could feel the morning mist on my face. Only a little detail that was missing was the warmer temperature but not too much actually. Our early summer mornings up in the mountain are a bit chilly. But this was the first morning this spring that I felt this way. We are so close to summer!

But back to the Easter recap – I don’t know about you but in my case I can’t even look or think about chocolate for a good while! Well, ask me again next week 😀 But at least for now I’m so full and I feel like I can go the rest of the year without it. Eating chocolate was definitely planned 😀 But the rest of our long weekend didn’t go quite as planned. Ok, first of all we didn’t plan to do anything. Which turned out to be a big mistake since my hubby’s work took over the whole Easter. As much as it would be nice to stay home sometimes, there’s a risk that comes with it… At least I feel like it’s playing with fire. This is our number one reason why we take off so often even for just a quick overnight getaway. But despite the circumstances I tried to relax as much as I could. Usually when I’m home alone I start cleaning and doing laundry etc. but this time I decided to hold off and really try to do nothing. Well you know how it goes, it doesn’t take much to turn the long weekend to feel like a regular weekday with a load of laundry or having to run any errands. I just wanted to be.

But don’t worry it wasn’t all bad, we got one of our friends to stop by during the weekend and we played a board game for good 5 hours 😀 And just what the doctor ordered we got a glimpse of sunshine two days in a row which was oh so welcomed. We went to our front yard to take pictures of the beautiful cherry trees. These trees were humming loudly since they were full of bees. That’s why my dog keeps looking up in one of the pictures.

Anyways last weekend was a good reminder that things don’t always go as planned. What a bummer but I’ll live! It was also a good reminder that planning ahead this could have been avoided 😀 Overall life is full of surprises! <3

Enjoy your week!


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  1. Mitkä maisemat! Missä asutte ? 🙂 joo ei enää suklaata ehkä ikinä !

    • Henna

      Haha 😀 Joo, ei kyllä hetkeen tarvi syödä x) Asun Vancouver B.C.kaupungissa Canadassa 🙂

  2. Joo, hassua miten minulle ensiksi tuli mieleen että asutte Norjassa 😀 En tiedä yhtään miten sellaiset aatteet vain tuli ekana.

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