Easter prepping

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I got my Easter prepping going on the weekend and I started it all by visiting Michaels to get a little bottle of some multi surface paint. My mission was to paint some Easter eggs πŸ˜€ I only got one bottle of pink paint and I got to work! Well, before I could start the painting process I needed to blow some eggs first and let them dry completely. I blowed 8 eggs and that was only what my head and cheeks could handle πŸ˜€ Ok, 6. My hubby helped a little and blowed two of them. When that was done I painted half the eggs with this baby pink colour and I left the other half of eggs to be in their natural colour, different shades of light brown. When the pink eggs were completely dry I placed them on a feathered silver tray with the brown eggs.









(White feather are also from Michaels)

I haven’t painted or decorated even one Easter egg since I was a kid! So, it was quite fun and interesting getting reconnected with the little kid in me πŸ˜€ haha. It was way more fun that I remembered. If I just have the time and energy, I always want to do some DIY projects here and there, even if it’s just a tiny little project. To me doing things like this is relaxing πŸ™‚ And in my opinion, little DIY brings an extra personal touch.

Alright! Back to prepping and meal planning for the Easter weekend. I’m making a post about our Easter table setting later on this week so stay tuned!

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