Basket Full of Roses

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I didn’t have the time to post these pics earlier. But my Grandmother turned 80 a couple of weeks ago. We did send her a little gift before her birthday but I couldn’t resist the photoshoot opportunity 😀 I didn’t plan this at all but when my husband surprised me with a bouquet of roses, and when cutting and placing them in the vase I got the idea 😀 And putting this face in any picture, I have all the ingredients for a perfect card, no matter what the occasion 😀 But these turned out quite cute and funny!






Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


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Random views around the house what I usually don’t capture. Or maybe I have, who knows x) How is your week going so far? I started my week by painting. Not my walls but a little watercolour painting! I’m completely hooked and hungry to learn more! Maybe I have courage to share some of my tryout pieces later, haven’t decided yet 😀 But I really enjoy it! Things like these help me relax and I don’t care if I’m good at it or not 😀 Love it! My brushes are just no good, they shed like crazy and it drives me nuts! I have to go to Michaels and get some better ones. Any brush suggestions?

Other than playing with watercolours I have a lot of things to take care of this week and it includes some packing too 😉 Next week we are taking off to one of my favourite places on this planet! <3 Stay tuned!





Our dog loves her sunbathing naps. I actually have to command her to come out of the sun because she just would not stop.  She is actually starting to get pretty tanned already, and we are still in May! Her skin starts to go black, I can already see changes on her tummy and ears. First when that happened when she was a puppy we completely freaked out and asked a vet what was going on but he said there’s nothing to worry about – she’s just tanned. 😀 But I have to monitor her sunbathing so that she doesn’t get sun overdose. Everything in moderation!


Little of bit of this and that – an overall post about random things. 🙂 Wishing you lovely week and let’s see if I make a post about watercoloring or not.


Midweek bliss

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This week has been just so good! And we are only at Wednesday! So many good things have happened and yesterday I got a wonderful txt from my bestie that she’s coming to town in the fall !!!!! I’m beyond excited!!!! The thing is that we started planning a trip to New York for the coming fall a while ago and our plan was to meet there but now she decided to come here first and then we go to New York together!!!! YAY!!!! I know it’s still pretty far away 😀 But I can’t help myself! We both have never been to New York. My hubby has spent a night in the JFK years ago when he missed his connecting flight 😀 So that’s all we know. Hahaha 😀 . All the tips, where to eat, stay and so on are more than welcome!



Even though it’s officially not summer yet, we have had quite a heat wave over here. Last couple of days have been +28. And of course flowers don’t like it.. I keep reminding myself every time this happens.  So my first peonies for this summer were good for maybe half an hour when I got them and then they pretty much exploded from the heat 😀 Well there are some white roses in the mix too and they don’t seem to mind!  Also here’s yesterday’s simple table setting. We got Marimekko’s Oiva plates as a wedding gift. And I’m more that happy with them. I love that Oiva series has so many options, different prints and styles and it’s timeless. I like that I can grow the collection piece by piece and they go really well with other dishes too that I have. These Kurjenpolvi bowls (I only have these two) I got from sale last summer. Luckily I don’t have to go to all the way to Finland to get them, I can get them in downtown Vancouver. Marimekko Vancouver – Design house



Our puppy watches TV all the time ..  She takes it so seriously too and gets so into it. Pet food commercials or whatever nature films are the “worst” – I mean she gets so excited!! Too excited  sometimes. She even remembers some of her favourite commercial music too so when she hears it she comes rushing to see the dog or the cat on the TV. She’s so funny.



Wishing you a wonderful day!

Back Home

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Home sweet home.. and it’s been like this for a couple days now. A wonderrful vacation behind with lots of lovely and unforgettable memories 🙂 I feel so blessed and so grateful to been able to travel and see incredible places. Every time I learn something new, either it’s the place and the people that I meet or something new about myself. I’ll get back to our vacation later on but I’m just amazed how many beautiful places there are. And it’s ours to ENJOY and not to destroy!

The first thing I needed to do to help myself with the homecoming blues was to get some spring branches! I was so happy that I still got some quince branches while I knew I was a little late on that. But I decided not to get them before our take off and fingers crossed hope to get a couple of them when returning and I did! 🙂 yay! This weekend I’ll start doing minimal Ester decor.  But I do wanna plan a nice Easter table setting! As you know setting the table is one of my favourite things to do!:)







It’s always hard to leave her behind while we go to trips where we can’t take her. She loves her caretaker, and has so much fun when we are away but it’s like a mandatory requirement to give us a point that it’s not cool to leave her behind when we come back 😀  The first couple of days she gives us a cold shoulder but now we are on good terms 😀


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