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Last week for Valentine’s Day surprise my husband arranged us a mini cabin getaway to Pretty Estates at Rowena’s Inn. I have never been there before but I’ve heard about it and seen pictures here and there. I was really blown away how beautiful and peaceful that place was in reality and about the fact that it’s not too far away from our home! It was just a short one hour drive from our home but far enough to get a nice separation from the city.  They still had a lot of snow on the ground so I can’t wait to find out how gorgeous that place must be in the summer time.

We were surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery with a lovely river view. Our cabin was private and cozy and the wood burning fireplace was a cherry on top. Although our dog wasn’t too sure about the burning fireplace. Once we got the fire going the poor thing was so worried about the wood burning noise. hehe. All she wanted to do was to sit on my lap and keep an eye on that fireplace from her safety zone.

The history of the place is like from a movie. I can only imagine how amazing it has been to live in that place at the time, the parties that they have entertained and the adventures that they must had. Also I can’t stop thinking about that how amazing it must have been to grow up in a place like that.


This place is definitely going onto our short list for a quick and easy weekend getaway. I can’t wait go back!




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Happy New Year y’all!

Somehow I got a snowball in my right eye on the New Year’s Eve!!!!!! But thank GOD I made it to 2017 without a black eye 😀 Just a swollen eyebrow. Gosh 😀 Anyone else there made it alive into the new year? 😀

So many things can fit in our past year and I can’t believe that we actually did all that! I felt that a little 2016 recap is in order. So I put together my personal highlights of 2016. We were on the road pretty steadily and no wonder when I was packing for our weekend getaway to Vancouver Island in early December I felt like that I’ve been packing a lot this year.


A weekend getaway in Seattle. One of my favourite cities to visit and go shopping. I love the easy going atmosphere there.



First time in Dominican Republic was jaw dropping. Crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. That place was so gorgeous and I can’t believe that we were actually there now that I’m looking at these pictures.




Soon after our Dominican trip we finally took the bull by the horns and got ourselves kayaks! One of the best purchases in 2016.



Maui. Oh Maui. Not our first time there but it was a time to revisit although we didn’t plan to go there at all. It just happened in its own weird way. We had so much fun that we are planning our trip back to Hawaii now!


This is one of my favourite summer moments in our neighbourhood. We got a lot of rain during the summer and every place was blooming. So beautiful!



We hiked beautiful Joffre Lakes in the late summer and I wanna do it again this year!



No summer without a trip to the Okanagan Valley <3 We celebrated my birthday there and soon after this my hubby surprised me with a helicopter ride around our “backyard”  and that was insane. 😀



This fall we got to go to NEW YORK! That was something else! That place was so huge that I’m still processing the trip to this day 😀 Can’t wait to go back though!



Last but definitely not least. Long weekend in Ucluelet. I know I have many favourite places 😀 especially highlighted in this post. But one thing is for sure that this place has something that I cannot explain no matter how much I try. You have to experience it for yourself.

Would love to hear your highlights of 2016? And have you started planning 2017 already?



First time in New York!

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This was my first time in New York. The whole experience was exciting, crazy, and fun! I was totally overwhelmed by how huge the city really is and of course the amount of people everywhere!!! Buildings were the tallest that I’ve ever seen and there was just so many things to look at – where ever my eyes would land I would see something new. After coming back home, Vancouver feels like a little tent hut village comparing to NYC 😀 And maybe the traffic here isn’t that bad after all.


Central Park



The New York Public Library


911 Memorial pools



Our hotel was in Times Square and I think the location was really good for the first time visit. Now that I know a bit more and I’ve experienced it I would like to stay somewhere else.  But like I said for the first time visit this location was very convenient. Lots of shops and so many restaurants and coffee shops one after the other.


Brooklyn Bridge



National Museum of Natural History



Now that I’m back home I started to think that we totally run out time. I think we did as much as we possibly could do in those 5 days in there. But still, a couple more days wouldn’t hurt anybody! One of the biggest downsides in our trip was the weather. Well, it could have been worse. But I was hoping to see the sunny New York. Instead we got clouds, rain and more clouds. But it definitely gives me another reason to go back 🙂

 put together some tips if you are going or planning to go to New York

  • Have plenty of cash at least if you are planning to use taxis a lot. It’s cheaper to pay cash in all taxis. They might charge you even $10 more if you pay by credit card. Crazy and lesson learned. 😀
  • Also wear good shoes!!! And this is a must! You will walk like crazy even if you’re not planning to. We walked so much and some days maybe too much! 😀 But if you wear proper footwear no problem!:D For me I always like walking better, I get to see more things.
  • If you have some place to go on a certain time, don’t leave your hotel the last minute if you’re planning to take a taxi. The traffic there is insane. You need time to get to places even if it’s just a short drive away. Walk if you can!


  • My last tip, you can take it or leave it 😀 Personally I didn’t really warm up to taking the subway. If you do, plan and know what your doing before you go 😀 We thought that we would just hop in and ride to the sunset. Well, it is somewhat easy to use and get to places but for me to go there the first time like cold turkey it was confusing. We did use it a couple of times. But if possible I choose the walking again 😀


I hope we meet again soon New York! 

Kelowna Bound

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Last weekend of August we did our annual road trip to Kelowna! Like I mentioned in my last post there’s no summer without visiting beautiful Okanagan Valley filled with over hundred wineries, apple and peach farms, lake life and so much more. First two nights we stayed at the Predator Ridge Lodge in Vernon, which is just a little drive past Kelowna. We have never been there before and were curious to try it out! That place turned out to be very beautiful. Our room was very clean and cozy.  Hotel had many amenities to offer, outdoor and indoor pool, gym, spa, golfing, biking and hiking. They are also pet friendly! But if all you want to do is wine touring this hotel might be too far off from the winery mecca. There are a few wineries close by, and we went to see a couple of them – 50th Parallel Estate and Blind Tiger vineyards. Both great places and such a friendly staff! We definitely didn’t leave empty handed 🙂










After staying at the Predator Ridge we drove through Kelowna to Oliver and visited a couple of wineries along the way. Mission Hills winery and Quail’s Gate where we had a lovely lunch before heading to our final destination. My personal favourite is the Hester Creek winery and we stayed in one of their villas for one night. I was hoping to stay longer than that but they were fully booked and one night was all we got! Better than nothing! To me that place is a little piece of heaven on earth! A perfect little hideaway. I’m even hesitating to say that since I kind of wanna keep it as our little secret 😀 View from the villa is ah so amazing! And having breakfast with that view is definitely my favourite part of the whole stay!

In overall such a lovely road trip <3

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