Summer Breeze

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Some days it’s ok to relax more with making the bed, right? 😀  Doesn’t always have to be nice and tight .. aaand now I’m out of excuses being lazy at times 😉 Let’s say that I haven’t documented what’s under the bedspread.. which is true!!!





So, I needed to get new a duvet cover set. My old one’s material turned out be horrible.. I couldn’t find the wash label to see what the material is so that I can avoid it forever :D. They are really soft but when sleeping in them, whenever you turn around it almost hangs you in it.  Very saggy and it didn’t stay at its place at all. I mean it would roll the duvet inside out to one big ball.. I even sowed the duvet cover to make it a little smaller trying to get the sagging away. But it didn’t work. Anyways, these new ones I spotted browsing at Ikea. Link HERE. I felt like getting a little “sea breeze feeling” when going to bed. And to me these gave me that feeling. These one’s material is 100 % lyocell which feels very soft and so far it has kept the duvet at its place.. Although I noticed that they get wrinkly way too easy to my taste. But let’s see how we get along in long term!





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Of course we had to go to Disneyland!;) My last visit there was so many years ago that we had to go back, no matter what 😀 However we did realize how many things we missed the first time. So it was pretty much a new experience all over again! I remember last time when we were there, it was around July or August and it was boiling hot. Now the weather was still hot but nothing like it was the first time. It was way more enjoyable to be on your feet the whole day! Here’s a few random pictures of that day! 



Walt & Mickey



Mickey Ice Cream! 


Brave, probably my newest favourite Disney movie! 


Mickeys Toontown




Everyone should get to experience the wonders of Disneyland. It’s a perfect place to spend a day 🙂 

Happy Thursday! 


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