Basket Full of Roses

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I didn’t have the time to post these pics earlier. But my Grandmother turned 80 a couple of weeks ago. We did send her a little gift before her birthday but I couldn’t resist the photoshoot opportunity 😀 I didn’t plan this at all but when my husband surprised me with a bouquet of roses, and when cutting and placing them in the vase I got the idea 😀 And putting this face in any picture, I have all the ingredients for a perfect card, no matter what the occasion 😀 But these turned out quite cute and funny!






Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Taking a breather

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If you ask me, we don’t do this too often. I mean, that I don’t set up our afternoon coffee table for the two of us as much as I would like. Too many times it’s just standing by the kitchen island and doing dishes or whatever at the same time. Fast and easy, like everything is these days! I remember swearing to myself that I would do this more often. Even if it’s just me. To make the ordinary day a little extraordinary. Life is here and now and I need to enjoy the moment. It’s too easy to get to the survival mode and hold myself from enjoying things (like these) till future notice. Life is a gift and a journey. Might as well enjoy it.



Baby’s breath can be so beautiful just on its own.


These pillows from Chapters have turned out to be my absolute favourites! I’ve been constantly struggling to find this kind of hue (Scandinavian style) in fabrics here. Usually they are too bold or dark, nothing in between. But these are just right 🙂


Many people have been complaining about the amount of rain this July but in overall I think this summer has been just so lovely.




We got a lot of rain this July. And what I’ve lived here and experienced in the past 9 years it’s been definitely more rain than we normally would get in July. But I’m just in awe how green and lush the nature is because of that. And look at these gorgeous flowers everywhere. Makes me just so happy and grateful. All I wanna do is to go and roll in there 😀 But I want the next person to be able to enjoy them too so I won’t 😀 don’t worry.

Happy Wednesday! 

Cinnamon Buns

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Good morning and happy Monday! How was your weekend? 🙂 First a couple quick notes about those new duvet covers from the last post. Now that I’ve had a chance to test drive them during the weekend, I’m happy to say that they feel so nice and fresh to sleep in and are not too hot but keeps the sleeper nice and cool. Even though it’s summer and the nights are warmer I still don’t want to give up my fluffy duvet to a plain sheet or even a lighter duvet. But other than sleeping and testing the new duvet covers our weekend was pretty simple. Nothing crazy. Running errands as usual, a couple of doctor appointments (including visit to the vet) and after lots of requests from my hubby I finally gave in and made some cinnamon buns. Normally I don’t like to bake in the summer that much because the oven heats up the whole house. Especially when the heat rises to the upstairs and heats our bedrooms to sauna temperatures :D. Oh well. If nothing else, hubby was very happy and it was nice to have a house smelling like cinnamon buns.



I use raw coconut sugar which makes the bun dough a little darker



Home Cafe – Definitely my favourite spot in our Kitchen!



I have a terrible hoarding problem for things like cupcake cups, straws and candles, yes candles and I’ve talked about it before 😀 And I keep getting them for these “occasions” that don’t seem to come and my drawers and kitchen cabinets are full of them. Like these lovebird cupcake cups I got for Valentine’s Day 2 years ago 😀 And the last two previous Valentines we have been in Seattle.  And I still had a little wrestle in my mind if I should I keep saving them. 😀 Well I didn’t! 🙂

Enjoy your week!

Strawberry Cheesecake Pops

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My long weekend project was to try to make popsicles from a new cookbook that I got – Rawsome Vegan baking.  And let me tell ya these pops rocked my world! Hands down they are to die for and such a good no guilt dessert or snack for the summer!










These are creamy, delicious and yet SO HEALTHY!!! They don’t taste “healthy” at all which is the best part 😀  but are just so good and ridiculously easy to make!


Using a blender – Blend all the ingredients until smooth. Pour into your pop molds and put in the freezer. That’s it, So easy!

Optional part – After the pops are frozen and solid you can dip them in dark chocolate and sprinkle shredded coconut on top (that’s what I did here). Enjoy!


Recipe says that it makes 10 pops, it depends the size of your pop molds. Mine are pretty big so I got 6 out of this recipe. 

I feel like I’ve discovered a fire the first time – that’s how good these are 😀 These pops are going to be our favourite summer snack! I can’t wait to make more!

Let me know if you tried these out!

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