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Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying June at full speed. I’ve had to slow things down quite a bit lately since I injured my lower back while working. Actually I injured my back the first time earlier in the spring but it went away pretty quickly. Now a couple of weeks ago I was lifting heavy boxes while working and it snapped again. I’m up now and been able to do some tasks thank God! But I still have to be really careful what I do.

I’m not going to bore you with the back injury details too much. And looong story short we are sleeping in our guest room now and waiting our new mattress to arrive. Our current mattress has gone bad, I mean it’s sagging, too soft for the circumstances and because of all this it doesn’t give us any support anymore. We have noticed the problem before but we have been putting it off thinking that maybe it’s something else, doing our workouts wrong or whatever. Also the mattress was pretty new (only 4 years old!!!!) And now that I hurt my back really bad again I can’t get through the night sleeping on it.

Funny and luckily our guest bed has a “better” and more supportive mattress than our own. It’s not perfect but definitely better. And I hope and pray that I can sleep my nights in it till the end of this week. We have been sleeping in the guest room quite a while now 😀 It’s been actually very cosy and it almost feels like a little getaway treat at our own home… just across the hallway 😀

On another note are you sick of peonies yet? 😀 After Instagram and the social media peony explosion? I’m not! And probably never will be. It’s my favourite flower of all time! <3  I’ve probably said this before but in my case I like peonies best when they are at this stage before they open. Even though they are really pretty like that as well. But this is my favourite part which sadly is super short.


To give you a little hint  – some times if the weather is really hot I put my peonies into the fridge (if there’s room) overnight so that they don’t die too soon.

Wishing you a wonderful evening!




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Happy first days of June. I hope you’ve got a great start for the long waited summer months. They are finally here!  As June was approaching I started “undressing” our house and getting ready for the summer months. That means that I’ve hidden extra blankets and throws away with some candles and other decor items. During the summer I like to keep things super simple indoors.

Probably everyone can underwrite that the house will be a quick turning point during the summer and most of the free time will be spent in outdoors. And in our case I like to keep our house simple and very easy to maintain. For example now that I’ve tucked all the extra things away I can just quickly wipe up surfaces and after that all is left is to vacuum and mop the floors. Fast and easy. During the winter months with lots of different decorations around the house  it takes time to get the whole cleaning process to even started.

Our upstairs get super hot during the summer and I’m not exaggerating it can get pretty close to the sauna temperatures. 😀 So it’s very important to keep things simple and more importantly COOL 😀 So I changed the bed linen sheets back which I think are the best material for the summer. They breath and keep you cool during the night. And I also like the fact that it’s OK if they are wrinkled. So no ironing needed 🙂

How do you prepare your home for the summer months?


Joffre Lakes

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We said goodbye to June and welcomed August by hiking the Joffre Lakes. Such a breathtaking place. It was totally spur of the moment kind of trip. Booked the hotel the night before, and we were lucky to get what we wanted since it was a long weekend. We got up early Sunday morning and drove past Whistler and through Pemberton to get to the park. The trail is in really good shape, very easy to walk but it’s a pretty intense uphill hike, not gonna lie! I found myself gasping breath along the way 😀 (I bet it was because of the early morning drive :D) But in the end it’s all worth it!


Joffre Lakes include three different lakes. First one is only 200m from the parking lot and the next two are at the end of the hike. The last one is only about 1km from the 2nd lake and that part is probably the most challenging part of the trail. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad at all and I’ve seen way more difficult trails than that but some people might think it’s more challenging. But once you’re up there at the second lake you might as well go all the way and see the third lake too!




All the lakes have gorgeous turquoise water and beautiful mountain scenery! And you can also see the glacier which is pretty amazing!






Good job!<3

After the hike we kicked our shoes off at the Fairmont in Whistler. In overall the trip was a success!

A couple of notes if you are interested to go and do the hike – be early!!!! This trail is very popular and the parking lot is not that big. We were there before 10am and it wasn’t early enough 😀 The parking lots were almost full and there was a line up to the bathroom! Crazy! So be early. And bring lots of water, bug spray and some snacks with you. What I read from other websites (after our hike :D) they said that the fall is the best time to hike Joffre Lakes! Air is cooler, sky’s clearer and there are no bugs anymore! We are thinking that we should do it again this fall. And if not this fall, maybe in the spring!


Basket Full of Roses

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I didn’t have the time to post these pics earlier. But my Grandmother turned 80 a couple of weeks ago. We did send her a little gift before her birthday but I couldn’t resist the photoshoot opportunity 😀 I didn’t plan this at all but when my husband surprised me with a bouquet of roses, and when cutting and placing them in the vase I got the idea 😀 And putting this face in any picture, I have all the ingredients for a perfect card, no matter what the occasion 😀 But these turned out quite cute and funny!






Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

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