Easter Themed Brunch

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Weekend already gone! Last week in overall was busy and went by very quickly! This means that our L.A trip is getting closer too! Seriously, I can’t wait for the change of scenery and a head start for the summer!!!

Yesterday we had some friends over and I made us Easter themed brunch. After the brunch we went to the park for a hike and got our lungs full of fresh air. I think everybody enjoyed and got their batteries charged for the new week!




I got some tulips to be the centerpiece. Chocolates to bring some colour and I found a CUTE bunny napkin folding idea from the Martha Steward website! See it HERE. When I was looking at the instructions, my first impression was that I should have started folding these napkins like a month before hand! But once you get it, it’s not that hard. My napkin material wasn’t the best to work with but I was able to get it together!





Note. I kept the bunnies under the plates until the last minute 😀 and I did fold my napkins the night before!


Happy Monday!


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