Dreaming of spring wardrobe pieces 

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To be truly honest, I wear light pink and pastel colours all year around and not just in the spring time. I just can’t help myself! 😀 But when really giving a thought about how my all year around pieces are different from my spring wear I would say that the spring clothes would be more romantic and definitely more girly. My normal day to day look is basically sport wear. But when I go out I want to look polished and cheek but feel comfortable. In here I’m dreaming of a late brunch on a cafe patio and perhaps some shopping afterwards or a little walk in the park for ice cream. I made a couple of boards of pieces that I personally can’t get enough of. Inspired by the gorgeous spring pastel colours of course. Like I no girl can have enough scarfs. I wear scarfs all the time and I fell in love with that light pink scarf that I picked. I also have a huge crush on Chloe’s pretty ballerinas and ballerinas are a must browsing around the city. Here are just a couple examples. More detail under the pictures 🙂


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Have you started shopping for spring or summer wardrobe pieces yet?


Easter table

Hi there! Are you all set up for the Easter weekend? I’m starting to get there 🙂 And here’s our Easter table setting that I promised earlier this week. What I love about North American Easter is that the Easter is celebrated with pastel colours. And I didn’t really learn to love decorating Easter until I moved here. Easter used to be always something that I didn’t give that much thought decor vice. But I love all the pastel coloured eggs and beautiful pink and white spring blooms outside 🙂 Bright yellow (absolutely nothing wrong with that) but it was never really my thing 😀





Bunny napkins made a return this year. I made these bunny napkins a couple years ago for Easter themed brunch, see it here. They are just so cute and a funny detail to add to the table setting.  Fresh tulips and of course no Easter without chocolate eggs 🙂 I fell in love with these pink glass Easter egg jars that I spotted in Pier 1 and I had to get a couple of them home with me! Also the little lamb is from there too!




With these vibes I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Happy Easter!

Easter prepping

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I got my Easter prepping going on the weekend and I started it all by visiting Michaels to get a little bottle of some multi surface paint. My mission was to paint some Easter eggs 😀 I only got one bottle of pink paint and I got to work! Well, before I could start the painting process I needed to blow some eggs first and let them dry completely. I blowed 8 eggs and that was only what my head and cheeks could handle 😀 Ok, 6. My hubby helped a little and blowed two of them. When that was done I painted half the eggs with this baby pink colour and I left the other half of eggs to be in their natural colour, different shades of light brown. When the pink eggs were completely dry I placed them on a feathered silver tray with the brown eggs.









(White feather are also from Michaels)

I haven’t painted or decorated even one Easter egg since I was a kid! So, it was quite fun and interesting getting reconnected with the little kid in me 😀 haha. It was way more fun that I remembered. If I just have the time and energy, I always want to do some DIY projects here and there, even if it’s just a tiny little project. To me doing things like this is relaxing 🙂 And in my opinion, little DIY brings an extra personal touch.

Alright! Back to prepping and meal planning for the Easter weekend. I’m making a post about our Easter table setting later on this week so stay tuned!

Back Home

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Home sweet home.. and it’s been like this for a couple days now. A wonderrful vacation behind with lots of lovely and unforgettable memories 🙂 I feel so blessed and so grateful to been able to travel and see incredible places. Every time I learn something new, either it’s the place and the people that I meet or something new about myself. I’ll get back to our vacation later on but I’m just amazed how many beautiful places there are. And it’s ours to ENJOY and not to destroy!

The first thing I needed to do to help myself with the homecoming blues was to get some spring branches! I was so happy that I still got some quince branches while I knew I was a little late on that. But I decided not to get them before our take off and fingers crossed hope to get a couple of them when returning and I did! 🙂 yay! This weekend I’ll start doing minimal Ester decor.  But I do wanna plan a nice Easter table setting! As you know setting the table is one of my favourite things to do!:)







It’s always hard to leave her behind while we go to trips where we can’t take her. She loves her caretaker, and has so much fun when we are away but it’s like a mandatory requirement to give us a point that it’s not cool to leave her behind when we come back 😀  The first couple of days she gives us a cold shoulder but now we are on good terms 😀


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