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Good morning! We are finally getting a little break from the rain. I feel like it’s been pouring non stop.. well, at least a very long period. But at the same time I see a lot of signs of spring and the cherry blossoms are finally starting to bloom!

I know things have been silent here in the blog. I have been busy with life in general and last week when I got the KonMari book in my hands. I read it right away and started my little “spring cleaning” process last Friday.. Well I finished that on Tuesday. I went through the whole house!  I mean every single thing. Even the garage!!!! I have never ever cleaned like this in my entire life and never have I been putting stuff out of the house with such a harsh hand. Not even when we have been in the middle of a move.

First of all I really thought that I would be throwing a couple of DVD’s away with some non working pens and old make up. Little did I know. The whole KonMari experience was eye opening for me. It opened my eyes to the useless stuff what we have been dragging along with us for years. You know things that are in good shape but haven’t been used in years. Or things that are broken and “I’ll fix it some day”. If that “some day” hasn’t come in the last four years, what are the odds that it will come in near future. Plus I didn’t even know that I have it aaaand I don’t need “that” anymore!

My husband keeps saving old t-shirts for house renovation projects but he always forgets to wear them when he’s painting etc. My weakness is candle holders, paper napkins, towels, linens, shoes, different flower vases (you name it ) that I have been storing forever. All these not so little things have been eating our storage space. But I have to say that the kitchen was the hardest for me to clean and I’m breathing into a paper bag even when thinking about it. It’s been such a rollercoaster of emotions going through all this and I’ve been so mad at myself of letting things go this bad even though I thought that I didn’t have a problem at all. You know I just need a bigger closet and more storage space 😀 HA

I would recommend this book to everybody. Neat person or not so neat and everyone between. This helps you go through everrrything around your house or apartment. And it helps you to really think about if you need all the things you have or not. Maybe someone else could use it instead of keeping it sitting in your closet. Or if this and that brings you joy anymore. Donate and recycle have been the key words here in the past 5 days.

But after going through all that I feel like I got control of the house back and it’s not the other way around – trying to control the chaos. Now I know where everything is and it’s all in order. It’s just easier to do everything around here for now on.

This turned out to be a book review after all 😀

Last but not least, as I mentioned I’m starting to notice the spring in outdoors in the past couple of days and I’ve been bringing it inside too. Little pastel coloured things here and there. <3

Happy Thursday!


Happy Mother’s Day!

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Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and mothers to be!

I was hoping to get this post done by this morning but I slept in and when I finally got my eyes open it was time to hit the road! We have been kayakin the whole weekend and my neck and shoulders are screaming right now. 😀 I’m making a post about our weekend later this week! But for now here’s some Mother’s Day flowers! 🙂



Peonies are my absolute favourite flowers and I’m so excited that the peony season is here once again! Because of the heat wave here they explode pretty quickly after I bring them home. But I love the fact that they keep changing, some times even the colour changes. Keeps things interesting and oh so pretty 🙂



I’m keeping it short today since my eyes can barely stay open 🙂 There’s something about the fresh mountain air that makes me sleep like a baby! Outdoor overdosed 😀

I truly hope that all you mothers out there got spoiled like crazy and enjoyed your day today! 🙂


Sunday tea

Every now and then I make myself afternoon tea instead of coffee. And after many hints here and there my hubby surprised me with this Oiva teapot last November! I’ve been admiring this pot for ages so it was more than welcomed to join our Oiva family! I also like the fact that if we have a guest who wants to drink tea instead of coffee, this is so much prettier to have on the table than running back and forth with our old black tea kettle 😀 It necessarily doesn’t sound too bad but everyone who has seen it knows what I’m talking about 😀


Super ginger – tea from David’s Tea. I’m currently trying out their 12 tea sampler of caffeine free teas.










Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!


Weekend Recap

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Last weekend was busy one as it tends to be these days. But we finally got started with our long postponed project – painting the walls 😀 We moved here, gosh almost 3 years ago (which got me thinking that I’ve been writing this blog almost 4 years now. Crazy! ) But let’s not get side tracked 😀 We live pretty quiet and settled life, we don’t jump on the walls and things like that 😀 Still we could start seeing life lived in this house. That includes little scratches from opening suite cases against walls, random finger prints, also our vacuum cleaner leaves annoying marks to base boards if we’re are not careful. Anyways our original plan was to get this painting done last year before Christmas 😀 HA. We are still not done yet but so sooo happy to get the project started. Other things that took place in the weekend were that we were cleaning our garage and storage. We took a load of stuff to Value Village and other donation centres. And a little shout out if you didn’t know this but you can donate your old clothes to H&M at least here in Vancouver area. And when you take your old clothes there you get a $5 coupon to shop there per one bag! I think that’s so great! You can read more about it here . I’m saying this because whenever I mention it to my friends they’ve never even heard about it! And yes, they do shop there 😀

What else. Oh yes! Remember when I was looking to buy a new hairdryer? You can read about it here. Well the GHD hairdryer and straightener are FABULOUS! So I ordered their soft curl iron too last week 😀 And I absolutely love it! Here are the best pics I could come up with 😀 Actually I was taking pictures to show my friend the end result.



Last but not least? Still thinking if there was more to this weekend 😀 Can’t remember but we got some fresh mountain air to our lungs this weekend too. Sunday morning we went for a hike. And our dog went for her first swim for the summer. Water in the lake was ice cold but didn’t seem to bother her 😀

03 HoneyVillah

04 HoneyVillah

05 HoneyVillah

Ok now I remember, our toaster broke completely and I lost like half of my thumb nail with it! So gross!!!! The handle came off. We have a 4 slice toaster and the other half handle came off almost two years ago and our toaster have been functioning partially and I’ve been wanting to get rid of it for a long time. But because the other half worked there was no need to throw it away 😀 Well now it got a permission to go! So this morning I toasted my bread slice in the pan with the scrambled eggs 😀 Works that way too!

06 HoneyVillah

Happy Monday! 

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