Gift guide

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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I put together a little Christmas gift idea list of my favourite things that caught my eye this fall. And I just decided that everyone of these are on my list too 😀 So not just for a little inspiration for you but I also figured what I could get. hehe.

I’ve done most of my Christmas shopping already but I still have some left. I prefer shopping my gifts online, especially before Christmas. I absolutely HATE shopping in huge or even mediocre crowds. I would actually be willing to pay more so that I can just get some space and take my time. But in the past couple of years I’ve done all my Christmas and Boxing Day sale shoppings sitting on a couch in my pyjamas. Planning to do it this year too. 🙂


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And next to my personal headache department. Shopping gifts for my husband. Anyone else there struggling in this boat? It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, birthday or what even occasion where giving gifts is involved. Shopping anything for him is pretty much impossible. Whenever I ask what would he like, his answer comes sharp as shot gun and it’s always – nothing. I have everything. I don’t need anything. He is a very busy man and has no time for anything really, so my options are few. And I can’t buy clothes every time. 😀 But what bugs me the most in this is that he always goes the extra mile when it comes to my gifts. And I feel a lot of pressure to get something nice for him too! And I hate that it’s really really really hard! I know that it’s not always about buying stuff but you know… Would be nice find something that he likes and didn’t expect at all.  Aren’t we women so much easier to shop for! 😀


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Happy Shopping! 

Sunday & latest finds

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Good (late) Sunday morning! I hope the weekend has been treating you well! I’m finished with my coffee and got kitchen cleaned after our breakfast. Now I’m relaxing on the couch, dog on my lap and I thought that I could make a post about my latest sale finds. Some of them I got a while ago and some are pretty new.



I found a new (better) toy basket for our dog from Home Sense. Our dog likes it so much that she even tried to sleep in it. It’s a bit too small for her to sleep in but she can fit in it if she tries really hard 😀 But I bet it’s not too comfortable 😀



New (grey) pillowcases are from Chapters and they are on pretty good sale right now!


Welcome to our home sign is from Michaels and it was on sale for $4 or so! (if I remember right) I’ve been keeping my eyes open to find a nice hook where I could hang it. But meanwhile it’s hanging off the hallway mirror. I took it upstairs for the pictures because the lighting was so poor.



After I get this thing posted I’m gonna go and do my workout! I sure don’t feel like, but If I do it now, I can chill the rest of the day 🙂

Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

Laptop sleeve

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I have totally forgot to capture the new laptop sleeve which I’ve had for awhile now. I had to get a new one before our trip to Punta Cana (since I didn’t own one yet.) I searched and looked a lot of places to find one that I like. And sadly I couldn’t find anything from my “go to places” but then I remembered Forever New. They probably have the prettiest iPhone accessories and it got me thinking that maybe they have laptop sleeves too. I don’t remember seeing them before but I searched their website first and scored! 😀  But then I was a bit nervous to go and see if they have this particular one in their store and I was lucky since they did! It has happened me a couple of times before that they didn’t have the same things in the store that they have on their website.


This could not be any more like me 😀 The best part is that this was a lot cheaper than any other laptop sleeves that I was looking earlier. They have this same one in black, which is very cheek too! But for me, I didn’t have to think too long which one to get 😀




Happy Thursday! 

Dreaming of spring wardrobe pieces 

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To be truly honest, I wear light pink and pastel colours all year around and not just in the spring time. I just can’t help myself! 😀 But when really giving a thought about how my all year around pieces are different from my spring wear I would say that the spring clothes would be more romantic and definitely more girly. My normal day to day look is basically sport wear. But when I go out I want to look polished and cheek but feel comfortable. In here I’m dreaming of a late brunch on a cafe patio and perhaps some shopping afterwards or a little walk in the park for ice cream. I made a couple of boards of pieces that I personally can’t get enough of. Inspired by the gorgeous spring pastel colours of course. Like I no girl can have enough scarfs. I wear scarfs all the time and I fell in love with that light pink scarf that I picked. I also have a huge crush on Chloe’s pretty ballerinas and ballerinas are a must browsing around the city. Here are just a couple examples. More detail under the pictures 🙂


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Have you started shopping for spring or summer wardrobe pieces yet?


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