Breathtaking Malibu

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My “not feeling so great” turned out to be the worst fever-flu bug ever!!!!! I’ve been in bed for the whole week! I never get sick, like EVER.. and if I start feeling that a flu or what ever is coming up –  I’m able to bounce back very quickly. This time, the whole “being sick” thing got to another level. I’m still feeling very weak.. I can’t sit for very long, my appetite is non existent, and I’m too tired even to speak. Oh man. Can’t wait this to be all over!

In our L.A. trip we drove around in Malibu one day. This was my first time in Malibu and what a breathtaking place it is. So beautiful and peaceful, just the way I like it. 😉 Those mountain roads gave me a heart attack or two but other than that I was mesmerized.









Have a Good One!


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