Hello November!

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Hello November indeed and I’m so relieved that I can open my TV again without anxiety 😀 haha.. Seriously I’m scared to scroll the TV channels before Halloween. Too many scary movies and things that I just can’t deal with. I don’t enjoy any horror related movies or tv series. Charlie Browns “it’s the great pumpkin” is the scariest I can handle! Anyways, my pumpkins are tucked away and little by little the excitement of Christmas is starting to roll in. I haven’t been too excited about the upcoming Christmas hassle this year. But I’m waiting the Christmas spirit to kick in as I go. 🙂 And I’m sure when I get my hands on to my first Christmas related project I’m all in 😀 I’m going to start my Christmas preparations in the kitchen by baking and cooking. Filling the freezer. Cleaning drawers and different places in the house and somewhere in the middle of all that the decorations are slowly starting to take a place in our house. To me it’s all about enjoying the process. Doing the little things, DIY projects, filling the house with the oldies Christmas music and gingerbread scent.




I got these antlers for the Thanksgiving table setting but actually these were the first Christmas decor ornaments I found in Michaels.


November also means that It’s time to stay extra warm! I couldn’t resist this slouchy hat and Gianni headband from Aritzia. I got them in September already and I’ve been waiting to take them to use! Both of them are super cute!



Little kitchen details. I found that marble mortar last year from HomeSense. Actually I got it just before Christmas. I’ve been needing that for so long but always forgot to get one. And I always find out that it’s missing while cooking. Well not anymore! These marble trays are from HomeSense as well, and I got them in September this year. I’m still keeping my eyes open for the perfect wooden cutting board 😉 I ordered one online awhile ago but when it finally came, it  was in pieces!!! Obviously I had to return it. But I never got around to order another one. Still looking!

Alright, back to reality – it’s my cleaning day!



Fall Vase

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Good morning! Well, it’s not morning anymore but I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I have nothing planned for today. At least I don’t remember making any commitments. I’m planning to kick back and chill the whole day. I do something productive if I feel like it. I need a day like that. This past week has been one of those weeks that oh boy.. I’ve had some sort of extra appointment or commitment for almost every single day this week with a little or not so little resistance! And at one point it got me thinking that when did the life come to this point that even getting your hair done feels like work! 😀 Anyways back to the happy thoughts and my favourite hobby! 🙂 Remember when I told you how excited I was about my finds last weekend. Well I think I scored at HomeSense. They had a lot of new big glass vases and bottles on their shelves among other fall decorations. And I finally found a couple of things that I’ve been looking for quite some time. One of them is this vase for $19.99!!!! (normally $40)



It is just what I’ve been looking and I think it’s perfect for my fall decor plans this year! I took home with me another vase too (for $14!!!), and I placed it in the guest room for now. But it’s also perfect for the living room coffee table or pretty much where ever!





Since my last weekend’s experience was so good I had to go back there yesterday to take another peek and guess what, almost all these vases were gone!!!! There were some left, but I didn’t see this one for example. So you better hurry or try a couple of different HomeSense locations if you want to get yours! Once I got the vases in my car the obvious next stop was to get new flowers to put in them! 😀 Had to get them right away of course to see how they would look. And I love it!

Have you started with your fall decorations? 🙂

Wishing you a lovely weekend!



Blue Hydrangeas

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Good Sunday morning! I woke up today to a sunny sky, had delicious breakfast and watched an episode of Frasier. Drinking the last drops of coffee – in overall enjoying the little things in life this morning. Very unusual for me to have blue flowers… and if thinking it really hard I’m positive that I’ve never had any kind of blue flowers in my home. Purple yes, but not blue. But I kind of love it! Funny how so little detail can be and feel so different. How has your weekend been so far? It’s been a long weekend here since Friday was Canada day. We have celebrated it at home in peace and quiet. I needed a weekend like that. I’ve done little blog projects here and there and today after I get my workout out of my way I’m gonna paint, do my nails, cook and work on some more of my blog posts. Do the things that I enjoy.


09 HoneyVillaWeekend

Our puppy had a birthday yesterday. She turned 8! Crazy how fast time flies. Really. She’s such a big girl now 🙂 We tried to take her for her yearly birthday ice cream but that place was packed. Line ups were crazy long and we didn’t feel like waiting. We have to try again during the week!

08 HoneyVillaWeekend

02 HoneyVillaWeekend

03 HoneyVillaWeekend

04 HoneyVillaWeekend

05 HoneyVillaWeekend

07 HoneyVillaWeekend

06 HoneyVillaWeekend

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

Sunday & latest finds

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Good (late) Sunday morning! I hope the weekend has been treating you well! I’m finished with my coffee and got kitchen cleaned after our breakfast. Now I’m relaxing on the couch, dog on my lap and I thought that I could make a post about my latest sale finds. Some of them I got a while ago and some are pretty new.



I found a new (better) toy basket for our dog from Home Sense. Our dog likes it so much that she even tried to sleep in it. It’s a bit too small for her to sleep in but she can fit in it if she tries really hard 😀 But I bet it’s not too comfortable 😀



New (grey) pillowcases are from Chapters and they are on pretty good sale right now!


Welcome to our home sign is from Michaels and it was on sale for $4 or so! (if I remember right) I’ve been keeping my eyes open to find a nice hook where I could hang it. But meanwhile it’s hanging off the hallway mirror. I took it upstairs for the pictures because the lighting was so poor.



After I get this thing posted I’m gonna go and do my workout! I sure don’t feel like, but If I do it now, I can chill the rest of the day 🙂

Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

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