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Aaand in the blink of an eye we are in May. The past two weeks have gone by so fast that I can barely keep up. But I’m so happy that May is finally here since we have many wonderful things lined up for this month. We got tickets to U2 concert – The Joshua Tree tour which is in two weeks and me saying that I’m excited is an under statement! I seriously can’t hold my horses! 😀 And we have a little road trip planned week after that which is another thing what I’m really looking forward to. Also our June (partially) and August are already fully booked but we are still trying to figure out if we should keep a part of our vacation in July or later in the fall. I kind of wanna escape to some place nice but I have no idea where 😀 Have you guys started planning your summer vacations or parties already?

I usually don’t get hydrangeas until June. But I’ve never seen them in this colour before and apparently this particular colour is in season right now, or was at the time when I got them. I’ve had these since the Easter and I still have one left and going strong. Hydrangeas are so lovely and easy flowers to take care of.

The spring was late this year here in Vancouver and I normally get my branches in March. But this year after patiently waiting I ordered Mangolia branches from my favourite florist. Finally they arrived during the Easter weekend. My husband went to pick them up… and I said to him to bring me two branches. Instead of the two he brought a whole tree worth of them 😀 They were huge!!!! But he had a good reason to get them all since these were leftover branches from some display or photoshoot and my hubby got the whole bunch for $12. Crazy! They are oh so beautiful (very messy though)




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Now that the spring approaches is anyone else feeling the urge to get everything super organized? I cleaned and organized our closets last weekend. Usually I end up throwing a lot of old and broken clothes away but this past year I’ve been keeping a close track of my clothing so I didn’t have too much to toss.

I feel like I’m a little “late” on this KonMari thing. And I haven’t read her book yet. I have heard about her but I haven’t paid too much attention to the whole thing since I thought or like to think that I’m pretty organized already 😀 Instead when I started cleaning our closets I watched a bunch of Youtube videos about her method of folding clothes. It turned out to be a puzzle kind of task which I love. (who doesn’t love puzzles or Tetris :D) and believe it or not but it was relaxing and fun at least to a neat freak like me!

Before I started my project I really didn’t believe that it would be that big of a change to fold and arrange clothes the way she suggests but it really was! I was surprised how much more room I got in my drawers now without throwing   a n y t h i n g  away.  Now I’m more curious about the whole thing and I’m wondering if I should get the book or not. Have you read the book? Is it good and worth getting? I’m afraid that I don’t have the patience to read it. I’m more of a “see first and do it right away” kind of learner.

Anyways… These pictures in this post have nothing to do with my closet. But I’ll say this – I’m trying to take it easy today, chill out and celebrate that it’s Friday! Whole wonderful weekend ahead <3

Happy Friday!



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It’s challenging to be present in the moment. Some days I’m thinking of getting a safe or any box with a lock on it, to put my phone there and hide the key to my husband’s car for the day so I can’t get to it 😀 (I really should do that!)

People don’t have to have access to you all the time. It’s ok to say no and set up boundaries. It’s ok to put yourself first. This got me thinking – Remember those “good old school days” when you actually had a weekend. Nobody had phones so you didn’t necessarily hear from anyone during the whole weekend. You actually got a couple days off and heard about your friends again on Monday. Now it’s like we are in everybody’s lives at all times.

Listen and look around, like really look around when you go about your day!

Stretch and breath more deeply. We are made to move around.

Plan your day so that you don’t have to rush and hurry. Be realistic with the daily tasks what can be done and what can’t. Don’t set yourself up for failure getting too many things on your plate.

Be thankful, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Smile and quick hello is such a little gesture but it can make someone’s day – even your own.

Be aware and careful what and who you hang around with and what you let to influence you. Pay a close attention to that. You become what you surround yourself with. Again, boundaries <3

Concentrate to the things where you are good at and don’t swim into failure and feel bad about yourself all day everyday. Nobody is perfect. Other people can hide their failures and insecurities better than others.

Last but not least sometimes the most boring “nothing’s happening” days are pure gold, don’t be afraid to be bored once and a while 😀

Have a lovely Thursday!



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My DIY hearts are taking over our living room. These are same ombre hearts that I had in our dining area just at different location. I taped them on the ceiling behind our sofa just a bit off the wall to avoid any accidents. I was worried for some reason that I would get pink stains on my wallpaper. Well I don’t know why that would happen but my concern was strong and I couldn’t ignore my thoughts 😀 and you know – better safe than sorry. But let me tell ya, it’s a workout to hang those in the ceiling. I was joggling between a ladder and a sofa reaching to the ceiling holding a tape roll in my mouth AND trying not to get them tangled at the same time. It was a scene and you would have had a good laugh. But definitely not easy!

Can you spot one single heart that is upside down? I just noticed 😀

As we know, Valentine’s day is around the corner and I was thinking about making a Valentine’s day gift idea guide, but you know what, that kind of stuff is all over the place. There are tons of list on what to buy when to buy and maybe some sale shopping in the between – all over the social media – all day long. So this time I want to encourage you to be creative and do nice little DIY projects at home with whatever you can find in you cabinets. (Trust me, there’s always something in our drawers to work with!)  Or plan a nice dinner at home, movie night or bake something! It doesn’t have to be more than that. It is more important to enjoy each other’s company <3 And I have one little quick and super easy DIY project in my sleeve which I’m posting later this week, so stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!


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