Morning Sunday!

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Good morning there! I hope your Sunday is slow, peaceful and so sweet that it’s almost dripping sweetness. 😀 And I truly mean that! I don’t want to complain and I try really hard not to. But I don’t remember the last time when Sunday felt like Sunday. Or like a good old plain no plans weekend. You know? Is it just me or do you notice it too, that people don’t think anymore things like what time to call someone about something. Usually work related stuff. There’s no difference if it is a holiday or not. You can do whatever whenever. Stores and malls are always open. It’s absolutely convenient and I enjoy it all the time 😀 But this past week has been tiring for me emotionally. I’ve been getting wrinkles on my forehead even if I hear my husbands phone ringing. Lately, well most of this never ends, especially in the weekends. So yesterday I wasn’t feeling myself at all. I had terrible muscle aches among other things. But what I’ve been trying to do to keep my spirits up is to escape to the Christmas preparations. It is what I enjoy. Although I’m positive that I grew a couple of grey hairs trying to fit and scale my Christmas gifts in a box and make them ready to be sent to Finland 😀 It’s always a struggle and sadly I had to leave so many things out. It’s so expensive to send stuff from here! Well expensive to a point. And I always go overboard. Next year I’m giving gift certificates to everybody 😀 Hahaha. I think that every year but guess if I have learned from it! I love buying gifts to family members and I can’t help myself!




So this past week I put the wheels rolling in my Christmas preparations and got a couple of things marked off on my to do list! I made mustard the first time in my life!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes how easy it was. And oh, so good.. Confession, it’s everything else but healthy. But as my defence you don’t eat the whole jar at once. At least I was trying not to 😀 A post coming up later. But for now it’s time to take another cup of coffee, catch up with my favourite blogs and get myself together for today! Enjoy your day!


Long time no see!

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Good morning and long time no see! Summer endings are always hectic and busy. There is no back to school hoopla in our home but things have been piling up. On top of that we have been trying to spend time outdoors as much as possible! Desperately trying to enjoy the last bits of summer. And last weekend we did a roadtrip to Kelowna where we celebrated my birthday by touring different wineries and squeezed a little hike there too. All this has affected my blog routine but I’m planning to get a grip and catch up!




As the fall starts to arrive, it also brings the life back inside. In the summer months home decorating usually tends to take a backseat and the house is more of a quick turning point 🙂 But I’m excited to get into the sweater weather and start with the fall decor. I made great finds this weekend from Homesense and you probably got a peek on Snapchat of what they were. Ok I don’t remember what I showed but at least one big thing? 😉 More to come!

My project for the next two weeks is to make our guest room ready! My bestie is coming to town in a less than two weeks!!! Which also means that our trip to New York is getting closer and more real than ever! If you have any good tips for New York, places to visit and where to eat they are more than welcome!

Before all that I have to make some calls this week – I need to get my hair done! Last time I saw a hairdresser was in May before our take off to Maui 😀 My hair is in pretty bad shape after the summer and I’ve been suffering iron deficiency (again).. so I’ve been losing hair like crazy all summer long. But now I feel it’s calming down and I’m not scared to brush my hair anymore 😀


Alright I think this is all for now. Next I’m going to make a little recap from our weekend trip to Kelowna! I feel like there’s no summer without visiting the Okanagan Valley! Stay tuned!




Last weekend

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Last weekend was, Oh so wonderful! We spent the whole weekend kayaking in a couple different places and I’m not sure if it can get any better than that? I always love to get my lungs full of fresh mountain air. It helps me relax and get rid of stupid thoughts, worries or whatever is bugging me.


I’ve wanted a kayak pretty much from the day I moved here (almost 9 years ago) but we have been postponing to get kayaks because they take a lot of room! Now that we don’t live in the apartment anymore and have had our own garage for almost 3 years we decided to go for it! Why we didn’t buy them right away when we moved to this house – It still felt like they would take over our little garage. Well they sort of do take over 😀 But it’s so worth it!


These pictures are from our Saturday’s kayaking trip. We went to Pitt Lake and from there we did the Widgeon Creek. It’s about an hour of paddling  (depends how many times you stop for taking pictures 😉 ) from the parking lot to this campground where we were supposed to have a little break before heading back. Well there was no stopping this time since this big black bear wouldn’t let us have our snack break there. Not that we would even think about getting out of the kayaks after seeing him. We had to turn back and have lunch at the Starbucks later 😀 haha.   Somehow I thought that now we don’t have to worry about the bears as much when we are hiking. But are you kidding me. First real kayaking trip and guess who’s waiting us in our lunch spot. This bear wasn’t shy at all, which was scary!


I’ve been posting little videos on Snapchat during the weekend and will do so in the future. You’ll be able find me there:  honeyvillah


I feel so blessed and thankful that I can live in such a beautiful place like this! My heart is bursting from the beauty that surrounds us out there. So gorgeous! Can’t wait to get back out there!





My upper body muscles are pretty good with fatigue-resistant, so I thought 😀 I seriously thought that I would be able to paddle longer and harder 😀 But still, it’s a new thing for me and it takes time to get use to! 🙂 But it’s a really good workout for back, chest, abs and arms of course. Last night I noticed that it hurt my abs to laugh or cough 😀 So it’s working!

Happy Tuesday!

Laptop sleeve

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I have totally forgot to capture the new laptop sleeve which I’ve had for awhile now. I had to get a new one before our trip to Punta Cana (since I didn’t own one yet.) I searched and looked a lot of places to find one that I like. And sadly I couldn’t find anything from my “go to places” but then I remembered Forever New. They probably have the prettiest iPhone accessories and it got me thinking that maybe they have laptop sleeves too. I don’t remember seeing them before but I searched their website first and scored! 😀  But then I was a bit nervous to go and see if they have this particular one in their store and I was lucky since they did! It has happened me a couple of times before that they didn’t have the same things in the store that they have on their website.


This could not be any more like me 😀 The best part is that this was a lot cheaper than any other laptop sleeves that I was looking earlier. They have this same one in black, which is very cheek too! But for me, I didn’t have to think too long which one to get 😀




Happy Thursday! 

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