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Hello there! Did anyone feel last night’s earthquake here in Vancouver area??! I didn’t feel a thing! We live up in the mountain now so I don’t know if that has something to do with it, that we didn’t feel anything. But when we were living in a high-rise building at the sea level, we had one earthquake back then that I felt. Nothing big but still, even the thought of it feels scary. I hope there won’t be too big aftershocks after last night.

Alright.. Here’s my updated “laptop” station in our guest room … How does it look? 😉 It turned out to be very girly and bright 🙂













As you can see, I don’t have a laptop anymore! We’ve had such a bad luck with our computers lately. Especially me. Our both computers broke, at the s a m e time. We’ve been in this mode where everything breaks.. not just here and there, but the same time! 😀 Very frustrating and time consuming. I’ve being using our laptop what is also my hubby’s work laptop. And that means that if he needs it, I’m without one 😀 Our office computer has been working on and off what has made the blogging experience very frustrating .. I’ve always had to rush to get my things done before it shuts down 😀 Until now since it decided to shut down completely. Anyways .. I’ve always shared my computers, I’ve never really had my stuff in one place. I think now or never was the perfect time to get my own computer.

My plan was to get MacBook Pro, but after a long thinking process and research I decided that I would get more out of a computer with iMac. I’ve had this computer about over a month now and I’ve been very pleased. 🙂

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