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Lovely summer morning to ya! I hope you have been able to enjoy July heat to the fullest 🙂 Looks like my blog has been taking a little unplanned July hiatus. And I’m gonna pick up the pieces where I last left them – my back injury. I’m much better now. Better to the point that I think it’s all gone now. I had to slow down a lot and only do the things that I had to do. Everything else HAD to be put aside and wait.

My biggest problem is that when I’m sick or in any pain I want to do everything at same time 😀 You know… clean the closets that don’t even exist like it’s my last chance 😀 And of course when everything is fine and functioning I could take it easy and sleep all day long! LOL. Anyway, I tried to take this back thing seriously and I want to be in my best shape and health in August so I won’t be left out of anything. We are having guests over early next month till beginning of September. My friend is coming in 2.5 weeks and my brother is going to join the party later in August. (This is his first trip to Canada so it should be a lot of fun! )

A couple of other crazy things lined up for August and September. You see I’m turning 30 next month… this is the part where I drop the mic and run to the hills 😀 Haha.. No. I’m THANKFUL to get to see 30. I know people who didn’t get to. I can’t and don’t want to complain. But I’m a little scared though. I don’t know why or why on earth I should be?:D Stepping into the unknown perhaps? But then what you mean by unknown. Gonna wakeup tomorrow at the same address as today and life goes on 😀 I don’t know why it’s scary and why I’m having this crazy battle thing going in my head. Let’s just leave it at that 😀  I remember when I COULD NOT WAIT to turn 20. I felt like I wasn’t old enough for anything then 😀 But for now the time can slow down thank you.

I don’t have a big birthday party planned but instead my birthday treat is going to be a trip to Maui after our guests are gone.  Another bitter sweet moment, sad to see my friend and brother to go back home but then can’t hardly hold my horses to get to Hawaii.


Last but not least around the house I have a blue theme going on. For some reason I really like it right now 🙂 And as a cherry on top to my current light blue obsession – my hubby brought me a truck load of blue hydrangeas. They completely took over the house. I mean I have blue hydrangeas in every room in the house. Including the bathroom 😀

Happy weekend!

Guest room clean up

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It’s been a while since I’ve strolled into our quest room here in the blog.  I cleaned the room and didn’t make the bed this time. I usually have it made and ready but now that I know that we won’t be having guests stopping by anytime soon, I didn’t want the sheets to collect dust there 🙂






I’ve been planning to get a new duvet cover set there. Even though I don’t sleep in them, I too, get bored looking the same old duvet covers 😀 haha

Also I’ve been hunting for new toss pillows here. I found a couple of new ones for the living room but it would be nice to find a pop of colour here too. Usually the way I make the bed will bring a splash of colour. Will see 😉


Secret Garden

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I can’t even start to describe how excited I was when I discovered this Secret Garden colouring book for adults! I first saw it on Chapters’ Instagram account and ordered from them. See it HERE. There’s also another colouring book from the same author, called Enchanted Forest, see it HERE. Which is also very tempting and I will purchase that one too after I’m finished with this one.


I’m terrible with drawing but I always loved to colour! There’s something very therapeutic about it 😀 Once I received this book it was even better than I expected it to be!  And because of that all of a sudden I got really nervous about ruin it somehow 😀 (Haha.. I know, how serious can this be?) So I took a bunch of copies of it and practiced and tried some colour schemes before I actually started colouring it. And when I was confident enough I coloured my first page 😀 Hahaha. But this book is great! Something little for myself. And I’ve noticed a great thing while colouring it. You can’t really do anything else at the same time. No computer or iPhone… I can’t even watch TV while colouring, I can only listen the TV or some music in the background. It keeps me focused and grounded while I colour. x) Are you familiar with these colouring books?


I don’t burn candles in the summer that much but when I’m having a bath I pretty much always have a candle burning, it’s just part of it. I ordered this with the colouring book, see it HERE and I have to say that it’s my new favourite candle scent from Voluspa.

And the rest of the pics have nothing to do with colouring book or candles. But they are just some random pics around the house.


The guest room in it’s summer look now



Aaand my Peonies are still alive! x)


Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Guest Room in White

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Our guest room has its white winter look now! The only thing that it’s missing here is the Christmas lights. Remember my “off to Mexico” post where I was so sure that I was going to be starting my decorations early this year? Well, I wasn’t going to do it NOW or next week or so! But you know, here and there little by little. But guess what (I don’t know who came up with this stupid rule) but our strata won’t be allowing any Christmas decor that is visible to the outside, which means hanging exterior or window lights until December 1st. C’mon! Really! Well I guess I can still hang whatever indoors, if I just keep my curtains closed. 😀 I like the rule that they can’t stay up until Easter, but really, not earlier than December..

Anyways, back to the guest room. I only changed the duvet covers to white and added another set of curtains to windows to make them look fuller. That other set of curtains were in the master bedroom last summer. Now I changed my grey curtains back to the master bedroom.






What do you think about the white and crisp look in here?

Happy Tuesday!




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