Happy Halloween!

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And this is as scary as I will ever be. 😀




I didn’t get my plans in order for November yet. Haha! Ok, maybe some structure, yes. But now, after writing this post I’m gonna take good old pen and paper and make a plan. I use my phone’s calendar daily but when I’m planning something I like (need) to write things down. It helps me to memorize things better and for some reason it also feels like I’m actually making progress, even though I haven’t started yet. Ever feel the same? But I’ve noticed lately, and this has never been the case before, I keep forgetting so many things during the day! Before you get all worried. 😀 I think the reason behind it is that we’ve got too many things on our plate. And I don’t like it! When I can barely finish one thing the second one lifts its head and totally distracts the other. And it’s so sneaky how all the things pile up. But trust me I’ve becoming better at saying things like NO. Mostly that’s all I want to say 😀 But really. It’s impossible to keep everybody happy! And I’m not suppose to. So there – No. But if I get really coordinated here maybe I can say yes to some things. haha.. will see.

For now back to the pumpkins. This arrangement will be my pumpkins last resort. After this, sadly I’m gonna throw them away. These pumpkins lasted really well! I read somewhere that if you soak your pumpkins in 1 tbsp. bleach in a gallon of water for 3 minutes it helps them to prevent rotting and that’s what I did. And It worked out great! But now to get all confused here, I started to google more about this and I got the same recipe but that the soaking time is up to 1 hour or more 😀 Well, the 3 minutes worked for me! Or maybe I just got really lucky with the pumpkins? Does anybody know a good middle ground here? As you probably know I was born and raised in Finland. We didn’t have pumpkins, Halloween or Thanksgiving. So It doesn’t help if I ask my Mom. She has absolutely no idea 😀 But what I’m also amazed with is how pretty these hydrangeas have stayed!!! They dried out so nicely without trying to dry them!:D LUCKILY I was smart enough to save them!!!! I can’t even remember when I got these? They literally have been here the whole fall. Next year, I’m definitely going to do the same thing.

Alright! Gotta get back on it. Making plans.

Happy Halloween!


Planning November and an Announcement

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Hi there! How is your weekend going? We are finally getting some sunny breaks! Rain storm rolled in last weekend and I think the storm got too comfortable and stayed in some form throughout the week. Long story short a lot of dark and rainy days this week 😀 But I haven’t let it stop me at my hikes. I’ve been still strolling and hiking in outdoors any chance I’ve got. Like Thursday after I cleaned my house in new record time. Miracle almost 😀 So I got some extra time in my hands. I was planning take a shower but I realized that it wasn’t raining at the time. I quickly put my shoes on, my dog happily hopped in the car and so we went. First it was sunny, this is gonna be great, I thought! Then we are half way in our trail and it starts to rain a little. We are not made of sugar, we can make it, I said 😀 aaand we are on top of the mountain it starts to rain pretty hard and we still got the whole trail to go back, luckily downhill. My dog and I walked in the rain back to my car. Finally got back home and by then it was pouring down. I walked straight to the shower and when I come out it’s sunny again 😀 Decide it already 😀 But we got our hike done!


What I’ve also started to do this week is to start to plan a little… you know what. 😀 I’m scared to say it 😀 and I won’t. But I’ve been making a list of things for November. It is going to be busy! And I have so many things that I wanna do, a couple new DIY ideas that I desperately wanna try and what I’ve been postponing! So this girl needs a serious strategy plan. But hey, still one more week to go before October is over. Crazy I say. And it’s gone before I know it 😀

Last but not least now to the announcement part and what I really came here to say 😀 is that you can now follow Honey Villa on Facebook too. Why it took all this time to get myself there? Who knows 😀 But for some reason I skipped that part completely since I thought there are enough different social media places for blogs. But now I’m on board I guess. 😀 It takes time to get used to and I still don’t know how that thing works 😀 So forgive me, I’m learning as I go! And while I have no idea what I’m doing I hope it makes some of you following along more convenient.

Wishing you a great Sunday!




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Where’s my juicy turkey?



I’ve been feeling Gratitude in my heart this year stronger than ever before. I’m so thankful what I have but also what I don’t have. This year a lot has happened in our life and I feel like I’ve been getting ready for something. I don’t know what it is exactly 😀 But I have this strong feeling about it. This year includes lots of spur of the moment traveling and so many attempts to move forward with our plans. Trying this or that. And this year particularly, doors have been slamming against my face more than I can count. Seriously 😀 More than ever actually! Which has been oh, so frustrating at times. But now I’ve got to this point where instead of getting bitter or playing the why God why record – I’m so thankful that the doors have been shut. Instead my heart is bursting from gratitude. Whatever I tried, there was probably something behind it that I couldn’t see, and I’m better off without it. So thank you! And whatever the thing has been where the doors have shut I’ve got something better instead. Not that I always recognize them right away or see them the same day or week when I got discouraged but eventually. And what can I say, wow! This year has been eating us like crazy but at the same time it’s been incredible and fulfilling. Thanksgiving or not I’m forever thankful for my family. I’m thankful that we are healthy and happy. I’m Thankful that we have roof on top of our heads and food on the table. Most of all I’m so thankful that we are under God’s care and safe under his wings (Psalm 91:4)

Last but not least I should probably mention something about our Thanksgiving table? 😀 The center piece came together from real pumpkins and clear candle holders. Pretty simple! I went with a flow and I didn’t really plan it beforehand. Two of those pumpkins I got earlier from a flower shop but the rest of them I “accidentally” found from Save on Foods. (You should have seen the clerk’s face when she saw all the white pumpkins :D) But other than the pumpkins and the white antlers (Michaels), the rest of table setting pieces I threw together from my own stash.

Wishing you and your loved one’s

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! 


Morning Latte!

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Good morning! I hope your week is treating you well! I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee this week to get me going. And today, with the power of my morning Latte I have a long list ahead of me to tame. It’s my official cleaning day! I like to do my house chores on Thursday. It works for me great since it’s not in the middle of week and I don’t have to think about doing laundry or cleaning on the weekend. So Thursday it is! I start my morning washing the sheets first because it takes forever to get them dry. Then, I start cleaning the upstairs first and I work down from there. Sometimes I think of hiring a cleaner to come to clean our house even just once a month or in case of an emergency when I just don’t have the time. But I’m still joggling the idea that who I can trust, how much it costs and how it would all work out in a long run. I’ve never used cleaning services before but I’m curious to find out more. If you have any experience with the cleaning services in Vancouver area I would like to know your thoughts and recommendations. I’ve searched and tried to read reviews online here and there but I’m not convinced enough! And what I’ve noticed lately that no matter how much you pay it’s pretty darn hard to get good service from anywhere these days.


Anyways, my Thanksgiving preparations are at a full swing. Yesterday we were running errands once again and I got a few missing things. We are having friends over tomorrow and Saturday. But Sunday and Monday I want to have for ourselves 🙂 I have a couple of movies that I want to watch and just chill out. Today hubby is gonna bring some new flowers to complete the clean house. He’s still in charge to get the flowers because my favourite florist is just on his way from work. But to make sure that I get what I want we always face time when he’s there 😀 haha

Enjoy your day!

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