Pale Pastels

Enjoyed pale pastels in a simple table setting the other day. I brought these pink Arabia Koko dishes from Finland last summer. Napkins were a Christmas gift from my Mom, they are from Pentik! 🙂









Friday is here and we are so close to take off to our vacay! I haven’t started packing yet but I’m gonna start today no matter what!!! I went to the mall yesterday to quickly look what I could find and I got one dress from American Eagle. 🙂 To be honest I was too tired to make any decisions 😀 One dress was all I could handle right now! haha.. Well, I’m gonna be in my bikinis most of the time anyways, who needs clothes 😀


I don’t know how good the Internet is going to be where we are going. But I’m trying to give updates through my Instagram! I have so many things to do today so I’m keeping it short! Wishing you wonderful weekend!

Pine branches

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Last but not least the “final” table setting! This was the table setting that came to my mind first. Fresh pine branches from the forest, old wine bottles, yarn and a lot of candles. 🙂 Fresh and simple, something old and something new and yet so fun and easy to do! The previous table setting that I posted just “happened’ when I started trying things out, but this one was the original vision. I still don’t know which one I’m gonna do on the Christmas Eve! 😀 I like them both! Oh well, let’s see what I feel like on Wednesday or I just let my hubby to decide. 😀 Christmas Eve is only two sleeps away! EEEK! I still have tons of things to do! Today’s plan is to hit the grocery stores, do the rest of the laundry and tidy up the house. Tomorrow I’m gonna do all the cooking that can be done beforehand, potato salad etc. We are going out with our friends tomorrow night, so I can’t do it then or after it 😀 And my tradition is to Skype home in the morning of the 24th when they open presents there (Finland is 10 hours ahead of us). So my morning goes to that instead of cooking 🙂









A little hint that I forgot myself to use! If you wanna add a little red to the table setting you could fill the old wine bottle half way with water and drop some cranberries there. I was supposed to try that out but I FORGOT to buy the cranberries, not just once but every time that I went to the grocery store with this idea in my mind 😀 I don’t know where my head is these days.. But I’m still gonna try that, If I could just get the cranberries first! They are on top of my grocery list today!

Alright! Back to prepping!


Silver Trees

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It depends on the demand but I usually have the opportunity to set the table at least two times at Christmas time. Setting the table is one of my favourite things to do. I don’t care the cooking part that much but setting the table is always fun for me. Of course I like the Christmas table to really stand out and this time I wanted to use these silver trees to make a statement! On our actual Christmas table I have a whole different setting planned out and I’m still wondering if I made the right decision to do this one first and the other one second 😀 haha.. Well I’m allowed to change my mind if needed! 😉 But I’m making a post next week about the Christmas Eve’s table setting. I pretty much always like to make rehearsal table setting night before, or I start setting the table after we have had breakfast because I don’t want to do the cooking and setting the table at same time since I know that one of them will suffer because of that 😀




Got me thinking that these silver trees would be wonderful on the New Year’s table too!


I searched for Christmas themed napkin folding ideas on Pinterest and I found this cute Christmas tree idea. I made a little “photo story” in case you want to try to make these too. My advice to you is that always fold your napkins ahead of time especially if you are trying something new. At least a day before so you don’t have to struggle with them just before the guest arrive. When you don’t have to hurry you most likely won’t give up trying to fold these or any other ones that you are trying to figure out. Napkins can make a lovely little statement in your table setting and I like to play with different themes in mine – well it depends how clear the instructions are 😀

Christmas tree napkin








Enjoy your weekend!

While they last

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Still enjoying our Thanksgiving centre piece. I had to cut the flower stems pretty short so I placed them in a lower vase where they still keep making a nice impression. Gotta enjoy it while they last. 🙂









In these vibes I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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