Beautiful Snowberries

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Hi there! How was your week? I feel like this past week just flew by so fast and I can’t believe it’s Friday again! I have been very busy prepping the house for my friend’s arrival this weekend. Running errands almost every day and now I just realized that I need to do another trip to the grocery store at some point! I got the whole house cleaned and decorated yesterday. My next mission is to put up those crime scene tapes where my hubby can and can not go. 😀 You know, men typically looking for something and accidentally messing things up 😀 (sorry honey!)

As you can see, fall decorations have arrived to our home. I took all my pumpkins out the other day. I also pulled out some extra candle holders from the storage. It’s been awhile since I’ve lighted some candles in the house, I’m excited to start doing that more often. And last but not least I got a new set of fresh flowers along with some beautiful snowberries! And I’m most excited about these snowberries! I can’t get over it how beautiful they are! Looking at our dining table is definitely my favourite view in the house right now!





I still have a lot of work things to do and I want to get them done this weekend before our guest arrives. I’m also planning to prep some food beforehand so it’s going to be busy but very exciting weekend! Alright, I have to wrap things up for now. I feel like I hit a wall now that I stopped and sat down to write this post. It’s dangerous to stop in the middle of things and then desperately trying to get the energy levels back where they were. 😀 I think I need to make a cup of coffee to get myself back on my feet 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Taking a breather

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If you ask me, we don’t do this too often. I mean, that I don’t set up our afternoon coffee table for the two of us as much as I would like. Too many times it’s just standing by the kitchen island and doing dishes or whatever at the same time. Fast and easy, like everything is these days! I remember swearing to myself that I would do this more often. Even if it’s just me. To make the ordinary day a little extraordinary. Life is here and now and I need to enjoy the moment. It’s too easy to get to the survival mode and hold myself from enjoying things (like these) till future notice. Life is a gift and a journey. Might as well enjoy it.



Baby’s breath can be so beautiful just on its own.


These pillows from Chapters have turned out to be my absolute favourites! I’ve been constantly struggling to find this kind of hue (Scandinavian style) in fabrics here. Usually they are too bold or dark, nothing in between. But these are just right 🙂


Many people have been complaining about the amount of rain this July but in overall I think this summer has been just so lovely.




We got a lot of rain this July. And what I’ve lived here and experienced in the past 9 years it’s been definitely more rain than we normally would get in July. But I’m just in awe how green and lush the nature is because of that. And look at these gorgeous flowers everywhere. Makes me just so happy and grateful. All I wanna do is to go and roll in there 😀 But I want the next person to be able to enjoy them too so I won’t 😀 don’t worry.

Happy Wednesday! 

Sunday tea

Every now and then I make myself afternoon tea instead of coffee. And after many hints here and there my hubby surprised me with this Oiva teapot last November! I’ve been admiring this pot for ages so it was more than welcomed to join our Oiva family! I also like the fact that if we have a guest who wants to drink tea instead of coffee, this is so much prettier to have on the table than running back and forth with our old black tea kettle 😀 It necessarily doesn’t sound too bad but everyone who has seen it knows what I’m talking about 😀


Super ginger – tea from David’s Tea. I’m currently trying out their 12 tea sampler of caffeine free teas.










Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!


Easter table

Hi there! Are you all set up for the Easter weekend? I’m starting to get there 🙂 And here’s our Easter table setting that I promised earlier this week. What I love about North American Easter is that the Easter is celebrated with pastel colours. And I didn’t really learn to love decorating Easter until I moved here. Easter used to be always something that I didn’t give that much thought decor vice. But I love all the pastel coloured eggs and beautiful pink and white spring blooms outside 🙂 Bright yellow (absolutely nothing wrong with that) but it was never really my thing 😀





Bunny napkins made a return this year. I made these bunny napkins a couple years ago for Easter themed brunch, see it here. They are just so cute and a funny detail to add to the table setting.  Fresh tulips and of course no Easter without chocolate eggs 🙂 I fell in love with these pink glass Easter egg jars that I spotted in Pier 1 and I had to get a couple of them home with me! Also the little lamb is from there too!




With these vibes I’m wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Happy Easter!

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