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Aaand in the blink of an eye we are in May. The past two weeks have gone by so fast that I can barely keep up. But I’m so happy that May is finally here since we have many wonderful things lined up for this month. We got tickets to U2 concert – The Joshua Tree tour which is in two weeks and me saying that I’m excited is an under statement! I seriously can’t hold my horses! 😀 And we have a little road trip planned week after that which is another thing what I’m really looking forward to. Also our June (partially) and August are already fully booked but we are still trying to figure out if we should keep a part of our vacation in July or later in the fall. I kind of wanna escape to some place nice but I have no idea where 😀 Have you guys started planning your summer vacations or parties already?

I usually don’t get hydrangeas until June. But I’ve never seen them in this colour before and apparently this particular colour is in season right now, or was at the time when I got them. I’ve had these since the Easter and I still have one left and going strong. Hydrangeas are so lovely and easy flowers to take care of.

The spring was late this year here in Vancouver and I normally get my branches in March. But this year after patiently waiting I ordered Mangolia branches from my favourite florist. Finally they arrived during the Easter weekend. My husband went to pick them up… and I said to him to bring me two branches. Instead of the two he brought a whole tree worth of them 😀 They were huge!!!! But he had a good reason to get them all since these were leftover branches from some display or photoshoot and my hubby got the whole bunch for $12. Crazy! They are oh so beautiful (very messy though)




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Christmas table setting part two.

Last year I used silver trees as a Christmas table centre piece and I really liked the tall tree look of it. So this year I decided to try the same thing with white feather trees instead.





This beautiful decor three in the middle is a Christmas gift from my Mom and it literally arrived the same day that I was setting this table. It is so beautiful! Even my husband said when he saw it that it’s like specifically made for me. Thank you Mom!





These angel wings are store bought but I had to give them a little DIY lift. I got these angel wings from Party City. But when I opened the bag I was little disappointed to see how plain they were. I was hoping that they would have more fulness in them. So, I got my glue gun from the storage with some white feathers. For some reason I had one bag of white feather leftovers, probably from my Easter project. So I glued the whole bag of feathers on top of the existing ones and now they are so much better and what I was hoping for in the beginning. But I didn’t mind the little craft project especially so that I didn’t have to look for the supplies all over the city 🙂


I added one set of little led lights.

Napkin holders are the old tree ornaments, I think I’ve used them like this before? I also fell in love with these candle holders last year and they got to be a part of this year’s table as well. I got them from The Cross.


See that one lightened puppy on the left side of table 😀 I don’t know why, but she intrudes into my photos pretty much EVERY TIME when I’m taking pictures. Well most of the time she sits really nicely so I let it fly 😀

What an exciting week ahead!


Reindeers on the loose

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My favourite reindeers are out and about on our dining table. I’m always looking forward to take them out of the storage in the fall and I love to include them in my Christmas decor. They are such a pretty sight to look at. If they are not on the dining table, they are on the living room side table next to my white lanterns.




How is your week going so far? I’ve been cleaning and organizing my closets and cabinets this week. And every time when I start this project, my eyes are full of terror to see how much clutter gets into our drawers. We don’t even have that much space to store stuff, but still the junk finds its way to hide in different random drawers. For example I have so many hairspray bottles from the year stick and stone. Old sample bottles, hair bands, a million and half bandaids (???), gosh! I took a harsh hand on cleaning it all. If I haven’t used something in the past year – all have to go! Well I didn’t throw the bandaids away. 😀 But I finally put them all in one place. I kept finding them all over the house. I’m not sure If I want to continue this project and touch the kitchen this year at all. Even thinking about organizing our pantry gives me anxiety, big time! When we moved to this house, I wanted to change our pantry drawers to pull out shelves to make, well, life much easier. And that never happened. We always push and shove things in the front to fit new things there. So I never know what I’m going to find if I start cleaning it.

Alright I think that’s enough cleaning drama for the day. By the end of the week I’m making a post about our bedroom’s winter look. I’m really excited about how it all turned out. A couple of little changes gave the room a nice and fresh new look. Stay tuned!



Beautiful Snowberries

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Hi there! How was your week? I feel like this past week just flew by so fast and I can’t believe it’s Friday again! I have been very busy prepping the house for my friend’s arrival this weekend. Running errands almost every day and now I just realized that I need to do another trip to the grocery store at some point! I got the whole house cleaned and decorated yesterday. My next mission is to put up those crime scene tapes where my hubby can and can not go. 😀 You know, men typically looking for something and accidentally messing things up 😀 (sorry honey!)

As you can see, fall decorations have arrived to our home. I took all my pumpkins out the other day. I also pulled out some extra candle holders from the storage. It’s been awhile since I’ve lighted some candles in the house, I’m excited to start doing that more often. And last but not least I got a new set of fresh flowers along with some beautiful snowberries! And I’m most excited about these snowberries! I can’t get over it how beautiful they are! Looking at our dining table is definitely my favourite view in the house right now!





I still have a lot of work things to do and I want to get them done this weekend before our guest arrives. I’m also planning to prep some food beforehand so it’s going to be busy but very exciting weekend! Alright, I have to wrap things up for now. I feel like I hit a wall now that I stopped and sat down to write this post. It’s dangerous to stop in the middle of things and then desperately trying to get the energy levels back where they were. 😀 I think I need to make a cup of coffee to get myself back on my feet 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

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