Long time no see!

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Good morning and long time no see! Summer endings are always hectic and busy. There is no back to school hoopla in our home but things have been piling up. On top of that we have been trying to spend time outdoors as much as possible! Desperately trying to enjoy the last bits of summer. And last weekend we did a roadtrip to Kelowna where we celebrated my birthday by touring different wineries and squeezed a little hike there too. All this has affected my blog routine but I’m planning to get a grip and catch up!




As the fall starts to arrive, it also brings the life back inside. In the summer months home decorating usually tends to take a backseat and the house is more of a quick turning point 🙂 But I’m excited to get into the sweater weather and start with the fall decor. I made great finds this weekend from Homesense and you probably got a peek on Snapchat of what they were. Ok I don’t remember what I showed but at least one big thing? 😉 More to come!

My project for the next two weeks is to make our guest room ready! My bestie is coming to town in a less than two weeks!!! Which also means that our trip to New York is getting closer and more real than ever! If you have any good tips for New York, places to visit and where to eat they are more than welcome!

Before all that I have to make some calls this week – I need to get my hair done! Last time I saw a hairdresser was in May before our take off to Maui 😀 My hair is in pretty bad shape after the summer and I’ve been suffering iron deficiency (again).. so I’ve been losing hair like crazy all summer long. But now I feel it’s calming down and I’m not scared to brush my hair anymore 😀


Alright I think this is all for now. Next I’m going to make a little recap from our weekend trip to Kelowna! I feel like there’s no summer without visiting the Okanagan Valley! Stay tuned!




New Bedding

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I’m obsessed with cushy and fluffy bed. I’ve always been. I remember that I put so many pillows in my bed when growing up that I could hardly fit my head there 😀 What I also did is that I stuffed two inner cushions to one pillowcase to make look more full! Haha .. But I loved it. I also remember making my Mom mad many times because I wanted to change duvet covers so often 😀 She didn’t like it at all because of the extra laundry. Well, I’ve been doing my own laundry for a while now 😀 hehe.. Anyways, last summer when we were in Finland I was admiring these duvet covers in Pentik. (surprise, surprise) But now browsing their website I saw them on summer sale and ordered them to the mother-in-law’s house so that when they are planning to send us package they can put these in there too. I wasn’t in any hurry at all but they decided to do it right away and I got these on Thursday! (I snap chatted about the other goodies that were in the package 😉 )




She approves





Now I’m glad that I got these early since these have a summer feel but also are perfect for the fall 🙂

BTW I made another batch of those popsicles since the last post. I just can’t get enough of them! Sooo good!

Blue Hydrangeas

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Good Sunday morning! I woke up today to a sunny sky, had delicious breakfast and watched an episode of Frasier. Drinking the last drops of coffee – in overall enjoying the little things in life this morning. Very unusual for me to have blue flowers… and if thinking it really hard I’m positive that I’ve never had any kind of blue flowers in my home. Purple yes, but not blue. But I kind of love it! Funny how so little detail can be and feel so different. How has your weekend been so far? It’s been a long weekend here since Friday was Canada day. We have celebrated it at home in peace and quiet. I needed a weekend like that. I’ve done little blog projects here and there and today after I get my workout out of my way I’m gonna paint, do my nails, cook and work on some more of my blog posts. Do the things that I enjoy.


09 HoneyVillaWeekend

Our puppy had a birthday yesterday. She turned 8! Crazy how fast time flies. Really. She’s such a big girl now 🙂 We tried to take her for her yearly birthday ice cream but that place was packed. Line ups were crazy long and we didn’t feel like waiting. We have to try again during the week!

08 HoneyVillaWeekend

02 HoneyVillaWeekend

03 HoneyVillaWeekend

04 HoneyVillaWeekend

05 HoneyVillaWeekend

07 HoneyVillaWeekend

06 HoneyVillaWeekend

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

Guest room clean up

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It’s been a while since I’ve strolled into our quest room here in the blog.  I cleaned the room and didn’t make the bed this time. I usually have it made and ready but now that I know that we won’t be having guests stopping by anytime soon, I didn’t want the sheets to collect dust there 🙂






I’ve been planning to get a new duvet cover set there. Even though I don’t sleep in them, I too, get bored looking the same old duvet covers 😀 haha

Also I’ve been hunting for new toss pillows here. I found a couple of new ones for the living room but it would be nice to find a pop of colour here too. Usually the way I make the bed will bring a splash of colour. Will see 😉


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