Happy Halloween!

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And this is as scary as I will ever be. 😀




I didn’t get my plans in order for November yet. Haha! Ok, maybe some structure, yes. But now, after writing this post I’m gonna take good old pen and paper and make a plan. I use my phone’s calendar daily but when I’m planning something I like (need) to write things down. It helps me to memorize things better and for some reason it also feels like I’m actually making progress, even though I haven’t started yet. Ever feel the same? But I’ve noticed lately, and this has never been the case before, I keep forgetting so many things during the day! Before you get all worried. 😀 I think the reason behind it is that we’ve got too many things on our plate. And I don’t like it! When I can barely finish one thing the second one lifts its head and totally distracts the other. And it’s so sneaky how all the things pile up. But trust me I’ve becoming better at saying things like NO. Mostly that’s all I want to say 😀 But really. It’s impossible to keep everybody happy! And I’m not suppose to. So there – No. But if I get really coordinated here maybe I can say yes to some things. haha.. will see.

For now back to the pumpkins. This arrangement will be my pumpkins last resort. After this, sadly I’m gonna throw them away. These pumpkins lasted really well! I read somewhere that if you soak your pumpkins in 1 tbsp. bleach in a gallon of water for 3 minutes it helps them to prevent rotting and that’s what I did. And It worked out great! But now to get all confused here, I started to google more about this and I got the same recipe but that the soaking time is up to 1 hour or more 😀 Well, the 3 minutes worked for me! Or maybe I just got really lucky with the pumpkins? Does anybody know a good middle ground here? As you probably know I was born and raised in Finland. We didn’t have pumpkins, Halloween or Thanksgiving. So It doesn’t help if I ask my Mom. She has absolutely no idea 😀 But what I’m also amazed with is how pretty these hydrangeas have stayed!!! They dried out so nicely without trying to dry them!:D LUCKILY I was smart enough to save them!!!! I can’t even remember when I got these? They literally have been here the whole fall. Next year, I’m definitely going to do the same thing.

Alright! Gotta get back on it. Making plans.

Happy Halloween!


Back Home

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Oh boy, the last three weeks have been crazy! So many great things happening at the same time! If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat you probably got a glimpse of a birthday gift that I got from my hubby. A Helicopter ride! I’m not scared of flying – so I thought! But when I saw that small helicopter I almost fainted. For some reason I got so scared before the ride that I almost didn’t want to go. And the worst part for me was to go there early so we had to wait for our turn for a bit! I had way too much time to think about it. But everything went really well and it was an amazing experience. We basically flew around in our “backyard” and it was so beautiful! What an amazing job to have, to fly everyday with that view! Now that I’m thinking I kinda wanna do that ride again when there is snow in the mountains.

Shortly after all that we took off to New York! I’ve never been there before and it was pretty surreal. I had to pinch myself a couple of times to see if I’m dreaming or not. New York is huge! So many things to do and see! I’ll write a post about that later so I don’t wanna give too much away 😉

For now, we are safely back home! I tried to take it slow yesterday but for some reason I had energy left, I don’t know where it came from. But I got a lot of things done. Now I’m starting to feel the tiredness creeping in x) But this week is time to start to prepare for the Canadian Thanksgiving and I’m so excited! I got more real pumpkins from the flower store and I’ve been placing them around the house. I also found a nice Thanksgiving garland from HomeSense that I’m gonna hang on the dining area mirror. A couple of little examples what I’m planning to do. 🙂



Beautiful Snowberries

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Hi there! How was your week? I feel like this past week just flew by so fast and I can’t believe it’s Friday again! I have been very busy prepping the house for my friend’s arrival this weekend. Running errands almost every day and now I just realized that I need to do another trip to the grocery store at some point! I got the whole house cleaned and decorated yesterday. My next mission is to put up those crime scene tapes where my hubby can and can not go. 😀 You know, men typically looking for something and accidentally messing things up 😀 (sorry honey!)

As you can see, fall decorations have arrived to our home. I took all my pumpkins out the other day. I also pulled out some extra candle holders from the storage. It’s been awhile since I’ve lighted some candles in the house, I’m excited to start doing that more often. And last but not least I got a new set of fresh flowers along with some beautiful snowberries! And I’m most excited about these snowberries! I can’t get over it how beautiful they are! Looking at our dining table is definitely my favourite view in the house right now!





I still have a lot of work things to do and I want to get them done this weekend before our guest arrives. I’m also planning to prep some food beforehand so it’s going to be busy but very exciting weekend! Alright, I have to wrap things up for now. I feel like I hit a wall now that I stopped and sat down to write this post. It’s dangerous to stop in the middle of things and then desperately trying to get the energy levels back where they were. 😀 I think I need to make a cup of coffee to get myself back on my feet 🙂

I hope you enjoy your weekend! 

Fall Vase

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Good morning! Well, it’s not morning anymore but I hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I have nothing planned for today. At least I don’t remember making any commitments. I’m planning to kick back and chill the whole day. I do something productive if I feel like it. I need a day like that. This past week has been one of those weeks that oh boy.. I’ve had some sort of extra appointment or commitment for almost every single day this week with a little or not so little resistance! And at one point it got me thinking that when did the life come to this point that even getting your hair done feels like work! 😀 Anyways back to the happy thoughts and my favourite hobby! 🙂 Remember when I told you how excited I was about my finds last weekend. Well I think I scored at HomeSense. They had a lot of new big glass vases and bottles on their shelves among other fall decorations. And I finally found a couple of things that I’ve been looking for quite some time. One of them is this vase for $19.99!!!! (normally $40)



It is just what I’ve been looking and I think it’s perfect for my fall decor plans this year! I took home with me another vase too (for $14!!!), and I placed it in the guest room for now. But it’s also perfect for the living room coffee table or pretty much where ever!





Since my last weekend’s experience was so good I had to go back there yesterday to take another peek and guess what, almost all these vases were gone!!!! There were some left, but I didn’t see this one for example. So you better hurry or try a couple of different HomeSense locations if you want to get yours! Once I got the vases in my car the obvious next stop was to get new flowers to put in them! 😀 Had to get them right away of course to see how they would look. And I love it!

Have you started with your fall decorations? 🙂

Wishing you a lovely weekend!



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