Cozy Couch

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Snow is falling as I write and I’m having my third cup of coffee this morning. It’s quiet and I’m watching out the window in awe to see the snow to fall. It’s just so beautiful. I wouldn’t change this moment for anything. It’s also a perfect day to make a little nest to your couch with a soft blanket and a pile of pillows. Sipping your favourite hot drink. Mine at the moment is the polar bear hot chocolate.


I have mentioned it here before that during Christmas and winter time I want to bring softness and cozy feel to our home with a lot of different layers. I like to do that with soft and fluffy textiles or playing with different patterns. I partnered up with Urban Barn to create a soft and cozy living room space with these beautiful white Arya faux fur toss pillows. I think these pillows had my name on them the first time I saw them and my choice was easy. They go perfectly with my white themed home bringing more softness to our couch. In case you are wondering they have these pillows in a variety of different colours and soft faux fur blankets to go with them.


When you hold and hug something in your hands at the store and think how soft and fluffy – for example – these two pillows are, my first thought is that I have to fight about who gets to snuggle these pillows. It’s either me or my dog. Pet owners out there, you know what I’m talking about! Right? 😀




If you watched closely my other posts on Instagram or here on the blog you have probably noticed these pillows in our bedroom as well. I made our bed with these pillows and they go perfectly there as well! I’ve had hard time to decide where they stay. So far I like them here on my couch as I can see them.

Wishing you a lovely week! Remember to be patient and drive safely in the snow!

Thank you Urban Barn for sponsoring this post. Comments and opinions are my own.

Bedroom layers

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Last week our master bedroom got new white soft layers for the bedding. I am so happy how it all turned out. While planning to do this I didn’t think it would change the bedroom’s look as much as it did at the end. The whole atmosphere in our bedroom is totally new even though it’s just a couple of new things in the bedding and everything else is the same.



As you can see I wanted to try something new and I wanted to make difference for how our bed is “normally” made. My usual corner stones for our bed are my DIY pillows and white coverlet. Duvet covers are the ones that I keep changing for the wanted pop of colour. And sometimes I change the pillow sizes. This time I changed sheets to my favourite white Belgian cotton sheets. I left my coverlet completely out and used only the double faux sheep skin. Then I started playing and trying different looks by tossing a couple of new pillows and when it started to look right for my eyes – voilà!


I do like to keep my DIY pillows on the bed at all times since I like how it gives the bed a little posture 😀 Our headboard does a pretty good job with that but since that headboard is huge, It looks silly to me to have just small pillows there.


Cozier the better.


Guess what. I took the bull by the horns and I cleaned my pantry. After I got that done it snowballed to cleaning and decluttering pretty much the whole kitchen! 😀 I’m not sure if I have done anything else than cleaning and organizing this week. Well, at least it’s done now! I felt a lot of resistance before starting it all but once I got on board, I thought might as well do everything else at the same time! 😀

Now that I’m going through these pictures again I think it was about time for a little make over. 🙂 

Happy weekend!


And Winter Came

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And Winter Came by Enya is one of my favourite Christmas albums. Another one is Amarantine (Christmas edition). They both are so beautiful. “I found” Enya’s music again last Christmas and now I’ve been listening these two almost non stop. I love them so much! I do have to stop and change for something else for a little while but I always keep coming back to these two. Also winter came indeed in our house during the week. I’ve been very productive this past week, tapping myself on the left shoulder as I’m writing this 😀 I took all the Christmas decors out of the storage to be easier to get to as we are getting closer to December. I hung stars and other Christmas lights around the house as well. I baked cinnamon buns, cookies and made a gingerbread house. This week is another busy week ahead but I’m ready to attack it so to speak. And now that I’m all started here and looking around I wasn’t sure if our house could look any whiter than it already was but it kind of does 😀 For Christmas I like to do a lot of white layers with different patterns and materials. I want our home to be cozy and softly white instead of clean and cold white. But after I took these pictures I started trying different things out and I did add one pop of colour on the coffee table. Which gave a whole other feeling to this space but that’s another post coming later.



This morning the sunrise was so beautiful and welcoming. I’ve been struggling with the dark if not the darkest days in here. It’s been raining day after day. So whenever there’s a little break from the rain or at least little bright glimpse of light from the clouds I have to stop everything to take a few pictures. Or when I do take a bunch of pictures and later that day the sun comes out for a couple minutes I have to take them again for better quality! Anyone else struggling there with the grey and gloomy days? #bloggerproblems


Wishing you lovely week!


Hello November!

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Hello November indeed and I’m so relieved that I can open my TV again without anxiety 😀 haha.. Seriously I’m scared to scroll the TV channels before Halloween. Too many scary movies and things that I just can’t deal with. I don’t enjoy any horror related movies or tv series. Charlie Browns “it’s the great pumpkin” is the scariest I can handle! Anyways, my pumpkins are tucked away and little by little the excitement of Christmas is starting to roll in. I haven’t been too excited about the upcoming Christmas hassle this year. But I’m waiting the Christmas spirit to kick in as I go. 🙂 And I’m sure when I get my hands on to my first Christmas related project I’m all in 😀 I’m going to start my Christmas preparations in the kitchen by baking and cooking. Filling the freezer. Cleaning drawers and different places in the house and somewhere in the middle of all that the decorations are slowly starting to take a place in our house. To me it’s all about enjoying the process. Doing the little things, DIY projects, filling the house with the oldies Christmas music and gingerbread scent.




I got these antlers for the Thanksgiving table setting but actually these were the first Christmas decor ornaments I found in Michaels.


November also means that It’s time to stay extra warm! I couldn’t resist this slouchy hat and Gianni headband from Aritzia. I got them in September already and I’ve been waiting to take them to use! Both of them are super cute!



Little kitchen details. I found that marble mortar last year from HomeSense. Actually I got it just before Christmas. I’ve been needing that for so long but always forgot to get one. And I always find out that it’s missing while cooking. Well not anymore! These marble trays are from HomeSense as well, and I got them in September this year. I’m still keeping my eyes open for the perfect wooden cutting board 😉 I ordered one online awhile ago but when it finally came, it  was in pieces!!! Obviously I had to return it. But I never got around to order another one. Still looking!

Alright, back to reality – it’s my cleaning day!



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