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What would you change around your house? Right now or later down the road? Small or big changes? Like do you want sled hammer a couple of walls down or just change a sofa? I’ve been thinking about this lately and decided to make a post about it.


I had a pretty clear idea what I wanted this house to look like before it was built. But I think I still rushed with my choices a bit. When we moved to this house I wanted everything to be ready right when we walked in. You see, I’m not good with unfinished things not to mention unfinished rooms. We didn’t paint our garage right away when we moved and that bothered me SO MUCH! My stomach would actually hurt when I walked in there! Problems eh? But there’s a downside to that. If I was to do it again I would give myself more time. I would live in here a little and see what would work or not. But then another thing that ticks me off is that when ordering furniture sometimes it takes FOREVER to get it. That was one thing I started to do long before we moved in.




I’m not talking about big changes in my case but you know, little things here and there. For now what bothers me the most at the moment is our coffee table. I think that a round coffee table would look better in this space. Another thing is that sofa. I’ve wanted a new sofa for 3 years now! And I’ve been so tempted, many times (last time that I was tempted really bad was last week )  But I keep telling myself that we probably won’t stay here too long and when we get to a new place, of course I want all new things there as well. And my choices for this house might not work in the new one. But on a positive note what I’m most happy about with our choices for this house is the whole dining area. I haven’t got bored with the lighting fixture or the table or the chairs. And I know that the mirror will always have a place somewhere, where ever we go.


These are my thoughts in the blog today! I would love to hear your plans! 🙂




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Christmas table setting part two.

Last year I used silver trees as a Christmas table centre piece and I really liked the tall tree look of it. So this year I decided to try the same thing with white feather trees instead.





This beautiful decor three in the middle is a Christmas gift from my Mom and it literally arrived the same day that I was setting this table. It is so beautiful! Even my husband said when he saw it that it’s like specifically made for me. Thank you Mom!





These angel wings are store bought but I had to give them a little DIY lift. I got these angel wings from Party City. But when I opened the bag I was little disappointed to see how plain they were. I was hoping that they would have more fulness in them. So, I got my glue gun from the storage with some white feathers. For some reason I had one bag of white feather leftovers, probably from my Easter project. So I glued the whole bag of feathers on top of the existing ones and now they are so much better and what I was hoping for in the beginning. But I didn’t mind the little craft project especially so that I didn’t have to look for the supplies all over the city 🙂


I added one set of little led lights.

Napkin holders are the old tree ornaments, I think I’ve used them like this before? I also fell in love with these candle holders last year and they got to be a part of this year’s table as well. I got them from The Cross.


See that one lightened puppy on the left side of table 😀 I don’t know why, but she intrudes into my photos pretty much EVERY TIME when I’m taking pictures. Well most of the time she sits really nicely so I let it fly 😀

What an exciting week ahead!



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In the middle of all busy schedules and Christmas chaos it’s nice to have one nice chill out day at home and hibernate on the couch. We had one last Saturday. For us, most of the time it’s hard to just chill out at home in our free time and do nothing. Unless we have company over. That’s one of the biggest reasons why we often pack our bags and head out somewhere else for vacation and long weekends. It’s too easy to fall back to work mode. You know, all it takes to get us off the wagon is one little phone call or email. Well last Saturday was a good exception. It felt really nice to hung out and relax at home.







So this what I was up to last Saturday. I’ve been wanting to make another throw pretty much right after I finished my first one. It’s been over a year now and this really started burning in my head that I wanna do one before Christmas. I started searching soft but big and chunky yarn with a good price (of course). And after a long search I found some on Amazon. I’ve never ordered anything from there so it took me a while to get around it. But when I really couldn’t find it in the nearby stores or for a reasonable price in other online stores I ordered a bunch of yarn from there.


Two or three hours later after I got started – I realized that I needed more yarn. So this throw is not completely done yet but I think I got a good start. I already ordered more yarn and I’m hoping to get it soon. I took 8 hanks (rolls) to get to this point and I ordered 5 more and I think that should do it. I a kind of hope there would be some left over for a scarf or something. Will see!

Last but not least. Do you know how you are going to set up dinner table this year? Later this week I’m posting Christmas table setting #1. I’ve planned two this year and I’m actually really happy how they both turned out. Stay tuned!




Cozy Couch

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Snow is falling as I write and I’m having my third cup of coffee this morning. It’s quiet and I’m watching out the window in awe to see the snow to fall. It’s just so beautiful. I wouldn’t change this moment for anything. It’s also a perfect day to make a little nest to your couch with a soft blanket and a pile of pillows. Sipping your favourite hot drink. Mine at the moment is the polar bear hot chocolate.


I have mentioned it here before that during Christmas and winter time I want to bring softness and cozy feel to our home with a lot of different layers. I like to do that with soft and fluffy textiles or playing with different patterns. I partnered up with Urban Barn to create a soft and cozy living room space with these beautiful white Arya faux fur toss pillows. I think these pillows had my name on them the first time I saw them and my choice was easy. They go perfectly with my white themed home bringing more softness to our couch. In case you are wondering they have these pillows in a variety of different colours and soft faux fur blankets to go with them.


When you hold and hug something in your hands at the store and think how soft and fluffy – for example – these two pillows are, my first thought is that I have to fight about who gets to snuggle these pillows. It’s either me or my dog. Pet owners out there, you know what I’m talking about! Right? 😀




If you watched closely my other posts on Instagram or here on the blog you have probably noticed these pillows in our bedroom as well. I made our bed with these pillows and they go perfectly there as well! I’ve had hard time to decide where they stay. So far I like them here on my couch as I can see them.

Wishing you a lovely week! Remember to be patient and drive safely in the snow!

Thank you Urban Barn for sponsoring this post. Comments and opinions are my own.

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