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It’s challenging to be present in the moment. Some days I’m thinking of getting a safe or any box with a lock on it, to put my phone there and hide the key to my husband’s car for the day so I can’t get to it 😀 (I really should do that!)

People don’t have to have access to you all the time. It’s ok to say no and set up boundaries. It’s ok to put yourself first. This got me thinking – Remember those “good old school days” when you actually had a weekend. Nobody had phones so you didn’t necessarily hear from anyone during the whole weekend. You actually got a couple days off and heard about your friends again on Monday. Now it’s like we are in everybody’s lives at all times.

Listen and look around, like really look around when you go about your day!

Stretch and breath more deeply. We are made to move around.

Plan your day so that you don’t have to rush and hurry. Be realistic with the daily tasks what can be done and what can’t. Don’t set yourself up for failure getting too many things on your plate.

Be thankful, there’s always something to be thankful for.

Smile and quick hello is such a little gesture but it can make someone’s day – even your own.

Be aware and careful what and who you hang around with and what you let to influence you. Pay a close attention to that. You become what you surround yourself with. Again, boundaries <3

Concentrate to the things where you are good at and don’t swim into failure and feel bad about yourself all day everyday. Nobody is perfect. Other people can hide their failures and insecurities better than others.

Last but not least sometimes the most boring “nothing’s happening” days are pure gold, don’t be afraid to be bored once and a while 😀

Have a lovely Thursday!



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Why is it that some things like the most simplest things might take YEARS to get done?? In this case I’m talking about my little office table. Actually we have two office spaces in this house. One that I never show to you guys is on our basement level. And I don’t show it because there’s always something going on and it’s also a little storage room too… Nothing to be seen really. But remember when I had this nice little office set up in our guest room couple years back? Well I stole my then office table to downstairs for our living room where my white lanterns are and it’s been there ever since. After that my little work space nook has been where ever. And that computer has been in my wardrobe in our master bedroom. Yup! I’ve been using it from there. 😀 Anyways, two weeks ago I had enough. I just couldn’t bare it anymore of not having a functional computer table! Also I wanted to organize our closets and not having my computer there anymore – it does not belong in there 😀

So I searched Ikea for a functional little table. Not too big since the space is limited but it could not be too small either. I didn’t even go to Ikea to see the table so I googled it and also checked Pinterest to see if anyone else was using this table for this particular computer and if it would fit there and I found a few pics! Enough for me. Hubby picked the table after work and I put it together. The cabinet that I had here before is in the guest room closet right now. I didn’t want to lose my storage so I measured if it would fit in there and luckily it did. I just screwed the cabinet doors out to leave it open and that way it’s easy access to the shelves and it worked!

Now I feel like a load of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders. You have no idea how much this has been bothering me. But when I finally took the bull by the horns it wasn’t too big of a deal to get it done after all. So I’m asking – why is it so hard to get the simplest things done. All I did was that I got a table that was desperately needed.

Enjoy your weekend!




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I hope you are enjoying your Sunday weekend vibes so far. Do you have your favourite weekend routines that you need to have before anything else takes place? Mine is after breakfast hung outs in bed with my coffee and catching up reading my favourite blogs or writing my own. I was supposed to get this post up this morning but I figured that it can wait a bit while I drink my coffee and read my favourite blogs. Then we ended up running some errands so I had to postpone it even more. But here I am! Finally.

I’ve been feeling super creative lately. There are so many things that I want to do or try out and now I let myself go and I ended up crafting the whole weekend. I’m making a post about it later but you got a glimpse of it on my Instagram stories. This weekend’s project was one of those things that I just wanted to try a couple of things out and it totally got out of hand and you should see our living room right now. Everything is a huge mess! In our next house I definitely need one of those “women cave” rooms where I can be creative! I’m struggling with the lack of space to do things that I enjoy. If I start my projects it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small it takes over the whole house and I can’t leave it as is and continue later on without feeling anxious of everything being a mess. It would be so lovely to have my own office where I could do many things at the same time, leave everything as is and just close the doors after and continue from there.

I don’t know how she does it but most of the time she looks like baby seal when I request something from her. 😀 Like in this case she does not agree with me getting out of bed.

Alright, I just wanted to wish you lovely Sunday. I gotta go and do a little power clean up before I start cooking tonight’s dinner.





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My first bouquet of roses for the year. Well to be honest these beauties are from last week after I cleaned out all of my Christmas stuff. I mean I took down our tree and all that right after the New Year and then I gave our house a really good thorough cleaning as I did before Christmas. And I felt that my cleaning wasn’t complete until I got a fresh bouquet of roses. I always struggle with the “after holidays naked home blues”. I wrote in my last post that I’ve been saving little things for January like the marble candle and the new flower vase .. small things like that. And as the Valentine’s Day approaches all I can think of is to fill our house with roses <3

I don’t have green thumbs but I have a couple of tricks that I’ve learned along the way. And the newest trick that I’ve learned is that I mix 2 table spoons of sugar and 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar with fresh water. It should keep the flowers alive longer. Actually first I use the little “flower food” bag that comes with the roses but after a couple of days when I change the water and cut the stems, I do this little mix.

Like I said I got these roses last week and they are still alive. A couple of them died right away but rest of them are still going strong. I changed the water again today and made a new mix of that “flower power sauce”. Let’s see if they make it to the weekend.

Last but not least for the longest time I did yoga today. It’s been forever since I’ve done it.  I had a few moments of desperation during my yoga when I realized how stiff I’ve gotten! My neck and shoulders are pretty much chronically in pain. So I have this little 20min neck and shoulder yoga video that I do here and there. But it’s mostly sitting and stretching. Now I did a good 50min strength yoga and I feel so good and light as a feather afterwards. I love the feeling when blood starts running throughout the body and tomorrow I’m pretty sure that I can feel muscles that I didn’t know that existed. I definitely should start doing yoga more often again. I used to be so good and do it weekly. Now I just have to be patient and start carefully though.

Enjoy your evening!


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