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Hi there! I hope you have been enjoying June at full speed. I’ve had to slow things down quite a bit lately since I injured my lower back while working. Actually I injured my back the first time earlier in the spring but it went away pretty quickly. Now a couple of weeks ago I was lifting heavy boxes while working and it snapped again. I’m up now and been able to do some tasks thank God! But I still have to be really careful what I do.

I’m not going to bore you with the back injury details too much. And looong story short we are sleeping in our guest room now and waiting our new mattress to arrive. Our current mattress has gone bad, I mean it’s sagging, too soft for the circumstances and because of all this it doesn’t give us any support anymore. We have noticed the problem before but we have been putting it off thinking that maybe it’s something else, doing our workouts wrong or whatever. Also the mattress was pretty new (only 4 years old!!!!) And now that I hurt my back really bad again I can’t get through the night sleeping on it.

Funny and luckily our guest bed has a “better” and more supportive mattress than our own. It’s not perfect but definitely better. And I hope and pray that I can sleep my nights in it till the end of this week. We have been sleeping in the guest room quite a while now 😀 It’s been actually very cosy and it almost feels like a little getaway treat at our own home… just across the hallway 😀

On another note are you sick of peonies yet? 😀 After Instagram and the social media peony explosion? I’m not! And probably never will be. It’s my favourite flower of all time! <3  I’ve probably said this before but in my case I like peonies best when they are at this stage before they open. Even though they are really pretty like that as well. But this is my favourite part which sadly is super short.


To give you a little hint  – some times if the weather is really hot I put my peonies into the fridge (if there’s room) overnight so that they don’t die too soon.

Wishing you a wonderful evening!




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Happy first days of June. I hope you’ve got a great start for the long waited summer months. They are finally here!  As June was approaching I started “undressing” our house and getting ready for the summer months. That means that I’ve hidden extra blankets and throws away with some candles and other decor items. During the summer I like to keep things super simple indoors.

Probably everyone can underwrite that the house will be a quick turning point during the summer and most of the free time will be spent in outdoors. And in our case I like to keep our house simple and very easy to maintain. For example now that I’ve tucked all the extra things away I can just quickly wipe up surfaces and after that all is left is to vacuum and mop the floors. Fast and easy. During the winter months with lots of different decorations around the house  it takes time to get the whole cleaning process to even started.

Our upstairs get super hot during the summer and I’m not exaggerating it can get pretty close to the sauna temperatures. 😀 So it’s very important to keep things simple and more importantly COOL 😀 So I changed the bed linen sheets back which I think are the best material for the summer. They breath and keep you cool during the night. And I also like the fact that it’s OK if they are wrinkled. So no ironing needed 🙂

How do you prepare your home for the summer months?



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Aaand in the blink of an eye we are in May. The past two weeks have gone by so fast that I can barely keep up. But I’m so happy that May is finally here since we have many wonderful things lined up for this month. We got tickets to U2 concert – The Joshua Tree tour which is in two weeks and me saying that I’m excited is an under statement! I seriously can’t hold my horses! 😀 And we have a little road trip planned week after that which is another thing what I’m really looking forward to. Also our June (partially) and August are already fully booked but we are still trying to figure out if we should keep a part of our vacation in July or later in the fall. I kind of wanna escape to some place nice but I have no idea where 😀 Have you guys started planning your summer vacations or parties already?

I usually don’t get hydrangeas until June. But I’ve never seen them in this colour before and apparently this particular colour is in season right now, or was at the time when I got them. I’ve had these since the Easter and I still have one left and going strong. Hydrangeas are so lovely and easy flowers to take care of.

The spring was late this year here in Vancouver and I normally get my branches in March. But this year after patiently waiting I ordered Mangolia branches from my favourite florist. Finally they arrived during the Easter weekend. My husband went to pick them up… and I said to him to bring me two branches. Instead of the two he brought a whole tree worth of them 😀 They were huge!!!! But he had a good reason to get them all since these were leftover branches from some display or photoshoot and my hubby got the whole bunch for $12. Crazy! They are oh so beautiful (very messy though)




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Good morning! We are finally getting a little break from the rain. I feel like it’s been pouring non stop.. well, at least a very long period. But at the same time I see a lot of signs of spring and the cherry blossoms are finally starting to bloom!

I know things have been silent here in the blog. I have been busy with life in general and last week when I got the KonMari book in my hands. I read it right away and started my little “spring cleaning” process last Friday.. Well I finished that on Tuesday. I went through the whole house!  I mean every single thing. Even the garage!!!! I have never ever cleaned like this in my entire life and never have I been putting stuff out of the house with such a harsh hand. Not even when we have been in the middle of a move.

First of all I really thought that I would be throwing a couple of DVD’s away with some non working pens and old make up. Little did I know. The whole KonMari experience was eye opening for me. It opened my eyes to the useless stuff what we have been dragging along with us for years. You know things that are in good shape but haven’t been used in years. Or things that are broken and “I’ll fix it some day”. If that “some day” hasn’t come in the last four years, what are the odds that it will come in near future. Plus I didn’t even know that I have it aaaand I don’t need “that” anymore!

My husband keeps saving old t-shirts for house renovation projects but he always forgets to wear them when he’s painting etc. My weakness is candle holders, paper napkins, towels, linens, shoes, different flower vases (you name it ) that I have been storing forever. All these not so little things have been eating our storage space. But I have to say that the kitchen was the hardest for me to clean and I’m breathing into a paper bag even when thinking about it. It’s been such a rollercoaster of emotions going through all this and I’ve been so mad at myself of letting things go this bad even though I thought that I didn’t have a problem at all. You know I just need a bigger closet and more storage space 😀 HA

I would recommend this book to everybody. Neat person or not so neat and everyone between. This helps you go through everrrything around your house or apartment. And it helps you to really think about if you need all the things you have or not. Maybe someone else could use it instead of keeping it sitting in your closet. Or if this and that brings you joy anymore. Donate and recycle have been the key words here in the past 5 days.

But after going through all that I feel like I got control of the house back and it’s not the other way around – trying to control the chaos. Now I know where everything is and it’s all in order. It’s just easier to do everything around here for now on.

This turned out to be a book review after all 😀

Last but not least, as I mentioned I’m starting to notice the spring in outdoors in the past couple of days and I’ve been bringing it inside too. Little pastel coloured things here and there. <3

Happy Thursday!


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