Bedroom layers

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Last week our master bedroom got new white soft layers for the bedding. I am so happy how it all turned out. While planning to do this I didn’t think it would change the bedroom’s look as much as it did at the end. The whole atmosphere in our bedroom is totally new even though it’s just a couple of new things in the bedding and everything else is the same.



As you can see I wanted to try something new and I wanted to make difference for how our bed is “normally” made. My usual corner stones for our bed are my DIY pillows and white coverlet. Duvet covers are the ones that I keep changing for the wanted pop of colour. And sometimes I change the pillow sizes. This time I changed sheets to my favourite white Belgian cotton sheets. I left my coverlet completely out and used only the double faux sheep skin. Then I started playing and trying different looks by tossing a couple of new pillows and when it started to look right for my eyes – voilà!


I do like to keep my DIY pillows on the bed at all times since I like how it gives the bed a little posture 😀 Our headboard does a pretty good job with that but since that headboard is huge, It looks silly to me to have just small pillows there.


Cozier the better.


Guess what. I took the bull by the horns and I cleaned my pantry. After I got that done it snowballed to cleaning and decluttering pretty much the whole kitchen! 😀 I’m not sure if I have done anything else than cleaning and organizing this week. Well, at least it’s done now! I felt a lot of resistance before starting it all but once I got on board, I thought might as well do everything else at the same time! 😀

Now that I’m going through these pictures again I think it was about time for a little make over. 🙂 

Happy weekend!


New Bedding

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I’m obsessed with cushy and fluffy bed. I’ve always been. I remember that I put so many pillows in my bed when growing up that I could hardly fit my head there 😀 What I also did is that I stuffed two inner cushions to one pillowcase to make look more full! Haha .. But I loved it. I also remember making my Mom mad many times because I wanted to change duvet covers so often 😀 She didn’t like it at all because of the extra laundry. Well, I’ve been doing my own laundry for a while now 😀 hehe.. Anyways, last summer when we were in Finland I was admiring these duvet covers in Pentik. (surprise, surprise) But now browsing their website I saw them on summer sale and ordered them to the mother-in-law’s house so that when they are planning to send us package they can put these in there too. I wasn’t in any hurry at all but they decided to do it right away and I got these on Thursday! (I snap chatted about the other goodies that were in the package 😉 )




She approves





Now I’m glad that I got these early since these have a summer feel but also are perfect for the fall 🙂

BTW I made another batch of those popsicles since the last post. I just can’t get enough of them! Sooo good!


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This duvet cover set souvenir is from our trip to Finland this summer! Marimekko’s Lumimarja “snowberry” is one of my favourite patterns that there is. I finally took a bull by the horns and I got mine this summer. I acted fast when I was told that this is going away from their collection! I’m not sure if they were meaning that they’re not going to make it as a king size anymore or that it’s going to be completely out of the collection? I’ve been admiring this duvet cover set for years and I’m glad that I got mine, especially if it’s not going to be available anymore!?







I’ve been saving these for the fall and finally put them to use before Thanksgiving. As much as I love to have white bedding, I also like to mix it up here and there with patterns!

Happy Monday!

Hi, Y’all!

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Even though I still have plenty of time (at least I like to think so) to plan and get things for our coming trip to Europe, I’ve been starting to think what I need and what outfits I should take with me. I hate if I have too many extra clothes with me that I don’t use. It always bothers me if I take 4 outfits ending up wearing just 3 of them 😀 Even that one unused pair of jeans and a shirt drives me nuts x) I’m weird in that way 😀 Well, I wanna be prepared and it always comes to this – “what if I need it, what if we go there etc..”. I know that when I’m at my parents place I could survive the whole stay with a t-shirt and shorts x) So that part is easy.. But when in Paris, even though it’s a short 2 night visit I wanna have options! Oh well.. I have time x)

This clothing rack has been super! I really like it… There’s one downside having this, even though I’ve been pretty good with not letting this happen too often. But sometimes it’s way too easy to throw whatever there instead on the floor 😀 and it becomes not so nicely piled clothing rack. x)



I really like that it has rolls so it’s easy to move around or place somewhere else if needed.


Our puppy’s face when I’m telling her that we are going away without her 😀 hehe.. It’s so hard to leave her behind. Whenever we can we take her with us! The place where she’s been before and where she now has to go is really good and she enjoys it there.. But still, it’s very hard.. and there’s always a worry! I just wish I could take her with us! <3

Is it just me or is someone there on the same page – weekend is here, AGAIN! I don’t know how these weeks just fly by! I feel like it’s Friday all the time and the rest of the week is just a blur 😀 Do you have any plans for the weekend? Our tonight’s plan is a dinner with friends! And I’m hoping to go and do some shopping too, to get some gifts for my family. I’m mostly done and covered with my gift shopping but there’s still a couple of things that I wanna get 🙂 Alright, wishing you a wonderful weekend! And thank you for those lovely emails regarding to Paris!

Happy Friday! 


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