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Lovely summer morning to ya! I hope you have been able to enjoy July heat to the fullest 🙂 Looks like my blog has been taking a little unplanned July hiatus. And I’m gonna pick up the pieces where I last left them – my back injury. I’m much better now. Better to the point that I think it’s all gone now. I had to slow down a lot and only do the things that I had to do. Everything else HAD to be put aside and wait.

My biggest problem is that when I’m sick or in any pain I want to do everything at same time 😀 You know… clean the closets that don’t even exist like it’s my last chance 😀 And of course when everything is fine and functioning I could take it easy and sleep all day long! LOL. Anyway, I tried to take this back thing seriously and I want to be in my best shape and health in August so I won’t be left out of anything. We are having guests over early next month till beginning of September. My friend is coming in 2.5 weeks and my brother is going to join the party later in August. (This is his first trip to Canada so it should be a lot of fun! )

A couple of other crazy things lined up for August and September. You see I’m turning 30 next month… this is the part where I drop the mic and run to the hills 😀 Haha.. No. I’m THANKFUL to get to see 30. I know people who didn’t get to. I can’t and don’t want to complain. But I’m a little scared though. I don’t know why or why on earth I should be?:D Stepping into the unknown perhaps? But then what you mean by unknown. Gonna wakeup tomorrow at the same address as today and life goes on 😀 I don’t know why it’s scary and why I’m having this crazy battle thing going in my head. Let’s just leave it at that 😀  I remember when I COULD NOT WAIT to turn 20. I felt like I wasn’t old enough for anything then 😀 But for now the time can slow down thank you.

I don’t have a big birthday party planned but instead my birthday treat is going to be a trip to Maui after our guests are gone.  Another bitter sweet moment, sad to see my friend and brother to go back home but then can’t hardly hold my horses to get to Hawaii.


Last but not least around the house I have a blue theme going on. For some reason I really like it right now 🙂 And as a cherry on top to my current light blue obsession – my hubby brought me a truck load of blue hydrangeas. They completely took over the house. I mean I have blue hydrangeas in every room in the house. Including the bathroom 😀

Happy weekend!


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Winter doesn’t seem to let go of its grip at all in our neighbourhood! We’ve got fresh snow on the ground two, wait, no – four mornings in a row!!! But I do have a confession to make – I’m so comfortable wearing my winter jacket that I’m afraid that I have a serious separation anxiety ahead of me when it’s time to put all my winter clothes away. You know when you actually have to think what to wear again and there’s no more hiding under big jackets and scarfs 😀 Feeling totally exposed, white as a flour sag :D. I don’t know what I’m going to do…  Well, on the other hand I do miss the easiness of taking our puppy out, just quickly kicking flip flops on and all ready to go.

But what I actually came here to say is Happy International Women’s Day y’all! I gave this day a good thought today and I was thinking what kind of women I’ve seen and been influenced by over the years. And what kind of woman I would like to be when “I grow up” 😀 and what I want to leave behind when I meet new people. Do you ever think about how the other person feels after they’ve just met you? And I’m not talking about “pleasing” people all the time but like, you know – even just little simple things – do you listen the other person, smile and be friendly or do you just want get it over with and move on? In my case I’ve noticed many times that I could have been more friendly at the grocery store or I should have said Hi when someone walked by and so on. It feels so lovely when other people are friendly and polite. And it’s amazing how some people have this gift to make you feel a better person by just spending few minutes talking. I think women are masters at getting the “vibe” in the room and we can easily notice or sense how the other person feels.

So I was thinking very hard and carefully that I’ve seen women that are hard working but also nurturing and caring. I’ve found myself in a middle of successful women that I’ve been scared of, big time 😀 But then when I spent enough time with them, it wasn’t that bad after all. BUT I noticed that the “scary” first impression was intentional. And then I’ve seen so many women that I believe keep pretty much everything together. I’ve seen women that are total control freaks 😀 and perfectionists. Women that are super funny and confident. Then I’ve seen women that are scared, completely lost, put down and hurt. I’ve seen working moms and stay at home moms and I think they both are running and ruling this world!!! I’ve seen women that are craving a constant attention and not knowing their true value. And I’ve seen women that are mean and judgmental. The list can go on forever. But I came to conclusion that we as women have tremendous power and we can influence and affect each other’s lives sooooo much. In a good and bad way. We should support one another and build each other up and don’t judge, be jealous or tear each other down. We should take care of ourselves and be happy just the way we are. We are all so different and that’s amazing. Don’t try to be a cheap copy of someone else but be the designer’s original. God made us all different purposely.

I believe women have power that no man can have or understand and it’s up to us to choose which way we wan’t to use it! It tells a lot about ourselves how we treat each other in different situations when we get a chance or even an upper hand.

#WomenHavePower Be a blessing to other women and all the people around you.



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Happy February 1st! This month got a lovely start when we woke up to a beautiful sunny and crispy morning. These kind of mornings are my favourite for our early morning walks. I get so inspired and I get my mind all clear and ready for the day. But I want to be honest – that beautiful start for the day got tested since I had a not so fun dentist appointment later today 😀 and late night working still ahead. hehe.

I do like pastel pink in small portions all year around in our house and in my clothing. But I do think that February is the month when I let myself get carried away with it. Or maybe it is just my imagination? I got these pillowcases last year and all this time they have been in our guest room. I was planning to get some colour there and these two pillows were perfect there. Now I decided to try them out in our bedroom as well and so far I like it  – although for now they are in our living room since I get to enjoy them more there 😀 But I think they are going back to upstairs in our room when the time comes.

Did you get a chance to try to make those heart wreaths from my last post? I still haven’t figured a way to store them. Last weekend, we had our friends over for Valentine’s themed lunch since everyone’s schedule matched. And these heart wreaths were perfect Valentine touch in our dining area.

This coming weekend we have a little city getaway ahead and we don’t have to go too far from home since we are spending a night in Downtown Vancouver. Some hockey is involved too. Should be nice little treat and my husband and I should be equally happy! 😀 Balance all the shopping with hockey.



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I hope you are enjoying your Sunday weekend vibes so far. Do you have your favourite weekend routines that you need to have before anything else takes place? Mine is after breakfast hung outs in bed with my coffee and catching up reading my favourite blogs or writing my own. I was supposed to get this post up this morning but I figured that it can wait a bit while I drink my coffee and read my favourite blogs. Then we ended up running some errands so I had to postpone it even more. But here I am! Finally.

I’ve been feeling super creative lately. There are so many things that I want to do or try out and now I let myself go and I ended up crafting the whole weekend. I’m making a post about it later but you got a glimpse of it on my Instagram stories. This weekend’s project was one of those things that I just wanted to try a couple of things out and it totally got out of hand and you should see our living room right now. Everything is a huge mess! In our next house I definitely need one of those “women cave” rooms where I can be creative! I’m struggling with the lack of space to do things that I enjoy. If I start my projects it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small it takes over the whole house and I can’t leave it as is and continue later on without feeling anxious of everything being a mess. It would be so lovely to have my own office where I could do many things at the same time, leave everything as is and just close the doors after and continue from there.

I don’t know how she does it but most of the time she looks like baby seal when I request something from her. 😀 Like in this case she does not agree with me getting out of bed.

Alright, I just wanted to wish you lovely Sunday. I gotta go and do a little power clean up before I start cooking tonight’s dinner.




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