Weekend Recap

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Last weekend was busy one as it tends to be these days. But we finally got started with our long postponed project – painting the walls 😀 We moved here, gosh almost 3 years ago (which got me thinking that I’ve been writing this blog almost 4 years now. Crazy! ) But let’s not get side tracked 😀 We live pretty quiet and settled life, we don’t jump on the walls and things like that 😀 Still we could start seeing life lived in this house. That includes little scratches from opening suite cases against walls, random finger prints, also our vacuum cleaner leaves annoying marks to base boards if we’re are not careful. Anyways our original plan was to get this painting done last year before Christmas 😀 HA. We are still not done yet but so sooo happy to get the project started. Other things that took place in the weekend were that we were cleaning our garage and storage. We took a load of stuff to Value Village and other donation centres. And a little shout out if you didn’t know this but you can donate your old clothes to H&M at least here in Vancouver area. And when you take your old clothes there you get a $5 coupon to shop there per one bag! I think that’s so great! You can read more about it here . I’m saying this because whenever I mention it to my friends they’ve never even heard about it! And yes, they do shop there 😀

What else. Oh yes! Remember when I was looking to buy a new hairdryer? You can read about it here. Well the GHD hairdryer and straightener are FABULOUS! So I ordered their soft curl iron too last week 😀 And I absolutely love it! Here are the best pics I could come up with 😀 Actually I was taking pictures to show my friend the end result.



Last but not least? Still thinking if there was more to this weekend 😀 Can’t remember but we got some fresh mountain air to our lungs this weekend too. Sunday morning we went for a hike. And our dog went for her first swim for the summer. Water in the lake was ice cold but didn’t seem to bother her 😀

03 HoneyVillah

04 HoneyVillah

05 HoneyVillah

Ok now I remember, our toaster broke completely and I lost like half of my thumb nail with it! So gross!!!! The handle came off. We have a 4 slice toaster and the other half handle came off almost two years ago and our toaster have been functioning partially and I’ve been wanting to get rid of it for a long time. But because the other half worked there was no need to throw it away 😀 Well now it got a permission to go! So this morning I toasted my bread slice in the pan with the scrambled eggs 😀 Works that way too!

06 HoneyVillah

Happy Monday! 

Christmas Came Early

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And I’m not talking about my website drama this morning 😀 First of all, I’m so sorry for the inconvenience with my website! I don’t know what happened but all my posts this month are missing. Luckily there were only two that disappeared completely with comments and everything. I got emails that there were a couple of comments awaiting to be approved but they are all gone from the dashboard! So sorry! But the good news is that the site is up and running! And I’m trying to get the old posts back too!

But lets focus on something positive and change the subject 🙂


Do you have a habit of getting yourself a Christmas gift that is something that you’ve been really longing for quite some time? I don’t do it every year but this year I pulled a trigger and got myself a new hairdryer that I’ve been desperately needing! And not just hairdryer but a straightener too! Using my soon to be old hairdryer I could spend a good hour to dry my hair… and after that process I’m all sweaty being under the hairdryer heat for so long 😀 Imagine starting the make up part, when your cheeks are so red that you feel like you need to dunk your face in ice water. So what I’m looking for a hairdryer is that it can deliver fast and that it locks the style without harming the hair too much. Like whenever I come from hair salon, after they have blow dried my hair, it actually stays that way! And I know that it’s not just the styling products working miracles since I use the products that they use. But whenever I dry my hair with my old hairdryer and I go out, my hair starts to break up and go frizzy.. not necessarily completely frizzy but some parts of it start to fly and I hate it! If I have to go someplace and I want my hair to be somewhat OK and secure – what I normally do to survive is that I wash my hair the day before so that it has at least an overnight to dry completely and has no moisture when I style my hair. (Talking about problems eh :D) Or if I have time, after washing my hair I let it air dry about an hour before I start blow drying it.

I was joggling between this Ghd hairdryer and Drybar, both from sephora. And with A LOT of research and questions asked I decided to go with the Ghd hairdryer. After I’d made my decision I accepted the fact that I would get the hairdryer first, and straightener later on because to get the two of them at same time is quite pricey. But now, just in time before I did anything I saw this Arctic Gold Deluxe set at Sephora! Ghd doesn’t usually have sets like this available so this was wonderful news for me! If you are looking to get a good professional hairdryer and straightener with the same package deal, here’s your chance! Remember this set is limited edition and available online only at Sephora.

Now that the hairdryer is all sorted out and on its way. (seriously can’t wait) I decided to make a list of a couple of hair styling products that makes my life way more easier when dealing with frizzy hair like mine! Like I’ve mentioned before my hair is naturally curly, and if you have it too, you know that it gets super frizzy if there’s even a hint of humidity in the air 😀 But I’ve learned to let go most of the anxiety of controlling it at all times, and only get serious about it when I have some important places to go to 😀 But what I’ve learned over the years is to get the right products and tools. And I’m really hoping that the new hairdryer gives me more support a whole other level. But here’s a couple of products that I’ve been using for years or recently discovered.




Bumble and Bumble Straight

I’ve been using this one for YEARS. It’s been working for me great! I have a long and medium thick hair and with me this one bottle lasts for a looong time.. and I’m talking about over a year! First of all a little goes a long way and I don’t use it all the time. Only when I want absolute frizz free secure my hair! So, I use it maybe every other week.










Bumble and Bumble Defrizz

Another favourite is this BB Defrizz. I mix it a little with the straight styling cream or I use it for dry hair. Same thing, I got this bottle about 2 years ago and I still have little bit left!








BB Mini But Miraculous

This summer, before we took off to Paris and Finland I redeemed some Sepora points to try this BB shampoo, conditioner, primer set. And I absolutely fell in love with it! My hair was softer that ever before and smelled so good! But what really stands out for me was this primer. Whenever I let my hair just air dry, I spray this primer, comb it and let it dry! Loved it!






Living Proof Prime Style Extender

Another hair primer that I’ve been using is this Living Proof Style extender and whenever I use it it actually makes the style last longer!












Living Proof – Flex Shaping Hairspray

I rarely use hairspray these days.. But when I do, I like use this one. And what I love about it that it doesn’t make the hair stiff or heavy.







So here was a couple of things from my bathroom cabinets that are working wonders for my hair! I can’t wait to add the new hairdryer and straightener to the set 🙂



Almost Ready

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So here we are.. Almost ready to take off! I’m pretty much done with the packing and now it’s just at the point to go take a shower, eat everything from the fridge and have a good night’s sleep before travel day! But before that here’s (not all) but some of my beauty products that I take with me and I wanna start with my favourite. If you haven’t tried this Caudalie (click) facial mist yet, you don’t know what you are missing! It is amazing and ah, so refreshing!!!!! It totally makes you feel like a new woman, specially after a long flight! I’m so addicted to the scent of it and how it gives my skin a lovely glow. It’s absolutely worth every penny and a must have when traveling!


If the flight is, let’s say more than 4h, I don’t wear makeup. In my case it just leads to disaster x) I don’t necessarily look that great, but I just feel so much better traveling with a clean face. Makeup remover wipes (click) are great for freshening during the flight.  and what I also do is that I take a couple of moisturizer samples that I get from Sephora or where ever and I apply those on my face during the flight to keep my skin hydrated. I always save my moisturizer samplers for days like this 😀 And after I arrive to our destination it’s nice to do a little facial treat – a detox mask (click) and add another layer of moisturizer before I past out of exhaustion 🙂



I redeemed my Sephora points a few weeks back when I saw this set of Bumble and Bumble Shampoo&Conditioner. I haven’t tried this particular shampoo and conditioner set from the BB series. But I have a feeling that I’m not gonna be disappointed. My trust in Bumble and Bumble is high! (click)

I try to make a post here and there during our vacation but I’m not gonna make it as a priority 😀 I mean If I don’t have access to a computer I’m not going to freak out 😉 and I hope you don’t either 😀 But you can follow me on Instagram to stay tuned. It’s so fast and easy to give updates!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Au revoir! 

Neutral Palette

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My makeup is pretty neutral most of the time. As getting older, I feel that less is more. Of course I like to have red lips here and there and I do like my lashes long 😉 But other than that I’m all neutral these days.  Actually, I started to wear less and less makeup after I got my first eyelash extensions done! 😀 Specially in the summer time, when I get a tan, I don’t feel like putting make up on at all! Now I’ve been taking a couple month break from the lash extensions but I’m planning to get them done for the summer. Anywhoo! It was time to update my eyeshadow palette and Make Up Forever is my go to when it comes to eyeshadows. I like to buy neutral palettes, different shades of browns and of course, one black one for feeling frisky 😉




I got this palette from Sephora, click HERE.

Have a Good Week! 

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