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Hi y’all and good morning! I can’t believe that weekend is here again! Any plans? I don’t know what has happened during the week days but I feel like it’s fast forward to Friday all the time. Now I’m finally taking the time and came to say hi and to let you know that I’m alive and well. 😀

We have been such busy bees lately and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. But as I mentioned in my previous post we had so many great things planned for this month so being busy doing exciting things is not bad at all. If you follow me on Instagram you probably know this already (if you saw my Instastories) that last weekend was a long weekend here in British Columbia and on Friday we drove to Seattle for a couple of nights. I just love that city and luckily for us it’s not too long of a drive from our place.

Also summer has officially arrived with a warm weather and I’m trying to transition from my jeans and sweater stables to an airy summer wardrobe. I got myself three new pairs of shorts for the summer and I’ve been able to test two of them. So far so good except I have to keep sunglasses on just not to get blind from my pale legs 😀 This girl needs some serious colour and fast. 😀 (with SPF 45 of course) Haha.. But all in all it feels so nice to get some vitamin D and I’ve been missing the easiness of just leaving the house quickly kicking some flip-flops on and being all ready to go.

Alright, I got some work to do today and the whole weekend is pretty much booked so better get on it. But I’m wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine where ever you are reading this from!



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  1. Aika menee kyllä nopeasti. Liian nopeasti varsinkin tämä kesä.. täällä Suomessa ei kyllä lämpöä riittänyt :/ tosi viileitä päiviä. Nää kuvat on taas niin ihania <3

    • Henna

      Kiitos kaunis!<3 Todellakin.. aika rientää ihan älyttömän nopeasti välillä! Ja voi itku, toivottavasti siellä kelit lämpenis pian<3

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