Blue Hydrangeas

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Good Sunday morning! I woke up today to a sunny sky, had delicious breakfast and watched an episode of Frasier. Drinking the last drops of coffee – in overall enjoying the little things in life this morning. Very unusual for me to have blue flowers… and if thinking it really hard I’m positive that I’ve never had any kind of blue flowers in my home. Purple yes, but not blue. But I kind of love it! Funny how so little detail can be and feel so different. How has your weekend been so far? It’s been a long weekend here since Friday was Canada day. We have celebrated it at home in peace and quiet. I needed a weekend like that. I’ve done little blog projects here and there and today after I get my workout out of my way I’m gonna paint, do my nails, cook and work on some more of my blog posts. Do the things that I enjoy.


09 HoneyVillaWeekend

Our puppy had a birthday yesterday. She turned 8! Crazy how fast time flies. Really. She’s such a big girl now 🙂 We tried to take her for her yearly birthday ice cream but that place was packed. Line ups were crazy long and we didn’t feel like waiting. We have to try again during the week!

08 HoneyVillaWeekend

02 HoneyVillaWeekend

03 HoneyVillaWeekend

04 HoneyVillaWeekend

05 HoneyVillaWeekend

07 HoneyVillaWeekend

06 HoneyVillaWeekend

Wishing you a peaceful Sunday!

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  1. Voi mikä suloisuus tuo koiruliini 🙂

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